About Loomio

Our story

Loomio is an online tool for collaborative decision-making, built by a team of technologists, activists and social entrepreneurs in New Zealand.

Loomio emerged from the need for a scalable way to make inclusive group decisions during the Occupy movement in 2011.

We experienced the transformative potential of collaborative decision-making, as well as its severe limitations: if people have to be in the same place at the same time to participate, it can never scale.

We set out to build a solution to this problem: using the Internet to give people an easy way to make good decisions together, wherever they are.

It’s called Loomio, like a loom for weaving diverse perspectives together :)

Now more than 75,000 people have made more than 25,000 decisions on Loomio.


We’re a mission-driven organisation with a social purpose at our core: Loomio exists to make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

We measure our impact in the numbers of people and groups involved in decisions AND the inspiring stories from people using it to do great things in their communities.


We’re backed by an Advisory Council with some of the brightest minds in democracy and tech internationally.


Round sascha a6aa76a8703b5458641f13e3066d5ab103217454aee05b2cc07986c484f33b78

Sascha Meinrath

Founder of X-Lab & Open Technology Institute

Round katherine 1897fbf24a1c1edd3b28afb042a6cf7dec911fb9a1b2540a81e8571b7f06878e

Katherine Borsecnik

Former Senior Vice President, AOL, Vice Chair of Root Capital

Round joi add7eaa3bc958a83d959b9912ba101fad4738ae3b0fce3ac0fdbdac905dcb2d7

Joi Ito

Director of MIT Media Lab, Co-founder Creative Commons, Board of Mozilla Foundation

Round rushkoff 527647bdf84a16a209ba56a667a4c8f76dfd9c9778cc6306b115389a9f6e0f0d

Douglas Rushkoff

Bestselling author, CNN commentator, media theorist

Round monahans d810c579e65c43c5369d58f71e714fe7e516321c036996424ed67baa3001e76c

Matthew & Brian Monahan

Cofounders of Inflection, Namaste Foundation


Loomio is a cooperative social enterprise based in New Zealand. We’re a passionate team with deep expertise in group process and open technology development.


Ben 6b0cc5e41c3dd568b7b3366781bce371b77da087fba010fbf447330e8eed0672

Ben Knight

Co-founder and director, community organizer, collective intelligence researcher

Mj 2f58046d0e9b63b72debb426587e103c93f0b73e05a66b5455c23e11457e970c

MJ Kaplan

US operations lead, adjunct professor in social enterprise at Brown University

Rob 29dab244aaa0ebe6eb67a7555f477fc30f99687d80fa521cce25f460f83f5df0

Robert Guthrie

Co-founder and lead software architect, accessibility, user experience

Jon f21ee754018a873c7a690ac534ff1ff44c296521e0283302c436984bd34e6c41

Jon Lemmon

Co-founder and software developer, user experience designer, musician

Chelsea dd68726ef7c3ba21b434318e64fbf8105254cad1140b0bebb4344a287fb2af21

Chelsea Robinson

Facilitation expert, collaboration coach, Generation Zero co-founder

Jesse 9d01349ee7960e44303f02e9dc34fb5dccada4d7282829cb54d1a6df7a4f25d2

Jesse Doud

Software developer, design, accessibility, bike guru

Mix 42ffd5ca08501f89c5ec4b171df785b527572e4c6bd444dc1473776a4af97317

Mix Irving

Software developer, translation specialist, education, group process

Malcolm 7105878f277df7bb95ec46ff802ebe14130aac605537a82629bf5e49aa606e14

Malcolm Shearer

Organisational systems, process design

Simon a37e0b965bbadd306a29caf1dd442c0b19d4c8fabac2d3fe23bab9bdc620824e

Simon Tegg

Data analysis, visualisation, software development, communication

Alanna ec1b56b8b09cdecc1b1c3e7cdaad535d79dd88d3674dfeaabd8d1a01333bc146

Alanna Krause

Co-founder and consulting lead, management activist, director of Enspiral Foundation

Rich 9d1d4c6e3ef40324f09e92c4efd00f7229b41dde24cd5e6ec43e4eb2655b8090

Richard D. Bartlett

Co-founder and software developer, activist, open source hardware hacker

Viv c46c990b1d0d784d9fb525ebca4e0d56ee9b03e4d0d81f638d43a453ce9b53e5

Vivien Maidaborn

Co-founder, Chair of Loomio Board, Executive Director UNICEF New Zealand

Aaron b20ceadb338c5a4e91774e805d1eb11b53eb2a174a11a987b59a43a05adf22a5

Aaron Thornton

Co-founder and software developer, front-end specialist

Hannah e04a9e2e7144a7d6691a42786a22a0a3d0f85ffe2fcb1093d8f61721eaa23115

Hannah Salmon

Software developer, user support, illustrator, creative activist

Matthew 6de643e81c2c577d15049ed5bd34b455ac0538909648777cb5c765765b4019c6

Matthew Bartlett

Designer, data analysis, business development

James 98ae0350aac244735db81279ee7cbc72a1a0badd21af3630f5c07d9836d8090e

James Kiesel

Software developer, open source community coordinator, daring swashbuckler

Michael 294a0af69827c2e0fc8cf2ae87f93289cdbf33689d873e6ca9c8fd5addd52619

Michael Elwood-Smith

Business development, collaboration coach, motorcyclist

Legal stuff

Loomio is made with love by the fine humans of the Loomio Co-operative Limited, a worker-owned and New Zealand registered co-operative company located at:

Enspiral Space
Level 2, 89 Courtenay Place
Te Aro Wellington CBD,
6011 Aotearoa / New Zealand

Delivery is instantaneous, and no refunds will be given.