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Loomio is the easiest way to
make decisions together.

Loomio empowers organisations and communities to turn discussion into action, wherever people are.

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When we hear all voices, we make better decisions.

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1. Talk things through

Start a discussion on any topic, and bring in the right people. Share diverse perspectives and develop ideas together.

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2. Build agreement

Anyone can propose a course of action. People can agree, abstain, disagree, or block – so you can see how everyone feels, and why.

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3. Decide together

Develop the proposal together so that it works for everyone. Every decision has a clear deadline, so you always get a clear outcome.

“Loomio unleashes the internet’s potential to bring people towards consensus rather than polarized debate.”
Douglas Rushkoff, author of Present Shock

Loomio works on any device,
make decisions anywhere, anytime.

“Loomio is hitting a sweet spot between individual voice and collective decision.”
– Micah Sifry, Editor, TechPresident
The Loomio team
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Community driven cooperative

Loomio is built by a worker-owned cooperative. We’re a social enterprise working to maximise positive social impact, not profit.

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Independent and neutral

We maintain a space for any group to come together, that is independent of political or corporate interest. We will never sell your data.

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Free and open software

Loomio’s code is a public resource that anyone can run, read, learn from, modify and redistribute.

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Gift economy

Loomio is supported by those who pay according to their means. This keeps the platform free of advertising and accessible to groups with no money.

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