What internetdomains do we keep?

Ilja Baert Public Seen by 267

Currently the (Belgian) pirateparty own several domains, each having a cost of €10,95/yr[1]. Some are unused and still owned purely for historical reasons, I think we can at least scratch a few.

domains currently owned by PPBE:
* parley.be
* thepirateparty.be
* depiratenpartij.be
* lepartipirate.be
* diepiratenpartei.be
* piratenpartij.be
* pirateparty.be

You'll notice that we have two English domains pirateparty.be and thepirateparty.be. I propose to keep pirateparty.be 'cause it's the domain we mainly use and scratch thepirateparty.be since it's unused.
We have two Dutch domains, piratenpartij.be and depiratenpartij.be. I propose to keep piratenpartij.be since it's used to redirect to the Dutch version of the website and scratch depiratenpartij.be.
We have one French domain which is used to redirect to the French version of the website lepartipirate.be, so I propose to keep it. The domain partipirate.be also exists, but isn't owned by us.
We have a German version diepiratenpartei.be which is unused. I propose to scratch it.
We still have parley.be which is unused atm. One point that has been brought up is that we may want to have services that we want to set open to the rest of the world (Mastodon is an example of this). We've noticed that people often keep away from the pirateparty.be domain, so it may be a good thing to have a more neutral domain. This domain could be kept for that.

Assuming we keep parley.be, that would make my current proposal to

* thepirateparty.be
* depiratenpartij.be
* diepiratenpartei.be

* parley.be
* lepartipirate.be
* piratenpartij.be
* pirateparty.be

What are your thoughts on this? Are there other domains we should keep? Others we should remove? Extra domains we should buy? ...?

[1] https://wiki.pirateparty.be/ITSquad


HgO Tue 9 Oct 2018

Thanks Ilja !!

I agree with what you said, except that we could try to buy partipirate.be which is owned by @patrickinstalle and then scratch lepartipirate.be


Ilja Baert Tue 9 Oct 2018

It would make the whole more consistent, so I'm all for. That would mean that Patrick will have to agree with moving the current partipirate.be site to another domain owned by him or to a subdomain owned by PPBE, so I guess that one is up to him.


Monica Delgadillo Tue 9 Oct 2018

thanks, I agree Ilja


Michel Braibant Wed 10 Oct 2018

That's a good idea.
And with all that savings, we could buy domains with a strong message:
- www.superboost-democracy-in-belgium.be
- www.democracy-is-more-than-elections.be
- etc
And produce specific campaigns for the next elections.


Valerie D. Wed 10 Oct 2018

I also loved partipiratenpartij.be which had the advantage of being bilingual... nice as the main one.


Patrick Installé Wed 10 Oct 2018

The history of the domain partipirate.be is quite cumberusome :-(. The is no problem to transfer this domain to the it squad. However there is a need for a solution finance.partipirate.be and a wich for tubize.partipirate.be.
For the moment it's the last days before elections. We talk about that after elections.


Jelle Debusscher Thu 11 Oct 2018

Our site antwerpsepiraten.be ( http://antwerpsepiraten.be ) is still down and it doesn't look like it's getting back online before the elections. Big mistake.

I suggest we could use pages for the seperate crews on pirateparty.be ( http://pirateparty.be ) i.e. [crewname or city].pirateparty.be ( http://pirateparty.be ) so we can become more visible locally and we give some autonomy to crews to define themselves. This invitation to start a new crew, grow, add local content is a way to revitalise the pirates and commit people.

So we are a crew without a page and I'd like to address this as described above.
What are your thoughts on this?



Ilja Baert Fri 12 Oct 2018

Sure! Subdomains don't even cost money, we just have to set the DNS records :)
For example liege.pirateparty.be already exists and they currently use it for hosting tools and mailbox and... (more info on thread https://www.loomio.org/d/CBXg8u56/pirate-kittens-it-find-and-host-libre-tools-that-pirates-need/20 )

If you can tell me what sub.domain.be you want (e.g. antwerpen.piratenpartij.be ) and to which IP it should be directed I can set it up.
If you need more than just a direct to the page (like if you'll use the server for mail...) I'll need more information.


Ilja Baert Fri 19 Oct 2018

I feel that we have consent on scratching the three proposed domains. I just disabled the automatic renewal of the following domains:

  • depiratenpartij.be (expires: 2019-01-31 22:59:59 UTC)
  • diepiratenpartei.be (expires: 2019-01-31 22:59:59 UTC)
  • thepirateparty.be (expires: 2019-01-31 22:59:59 UTC)

Ilja Baert Wed 7 Nov 2018

Okey, elections are over, let's continue this :p
As I see it there are two unresolved threads.
1. Have partipirate.be instead of lepartipirate.be
2. Should we buy partipiratenpartij.be and use it as the main one instead of pirateparty.be
I'm not really sure how to proceed next since that will mean two discussions in one thread, but let's try and see what it gives.


Ilja Baert Wed 7 Nov 2018

@patrickinstalle As I understand it partipirate.be is now used to direct to three sites
* partipirate.be
* finance.partipirate.be
* tubize.partipirate.be

What needs to happen with the main domain partipirate.be? On first sight it looks like a mostly empty Docuwiki.
We could easily set the DNS records so that the subdomains are kept, but if the main domain needs to be directed to the docuwiki, it's a bit pointless to transfer the domain.
My first proposal for transfering partipirate.be to the ITSquad would be that we
1. Point finance.partipirate.be to the same IP as it's pointed to now
2. Point tubize.partipirate.be to the same IP as it's pointed to now
3. Either point another subdomain of partipirate.be (eg terre.partipirate.be ) to the current docuwiki, or in case the docu isn't needed anymore just don't point to it at all anymore.

This proposal assumes that
1. you don't use the domain for anything else and
2. that the IP addresses of the servers it's pointed to won't need change over a significant timeperiod.

What are your thoughts on this?


Ilja Baert Wed 7 Nov 2018

@valeried How much are you set on the idea of having partipiratenpartij.be as main domain? The thing is that I like the wordplay, but I see several disadvantages and even one problem that I needed time to work out myself.

Let me start with the simple ones

  • A domainname shouldn't be too long, I think the pirateparty.be is already quite long, but still okey for a domain. partipiratenpartij.be may already be to long
  • pirateparty.be is already a known name internationaly
  • pirateparty.be is the one we already use (not much of an argument IMO, but still)
  • partipiratenpartij.be uses both Dutch an French, but no German, which is also an official Belgian language. pirateparty.be doesn't have any of these, but it has the advantage of being English, which is more recognised as an international language.
  • But then the thing I have the most fear of is that it will point out this Flemish-Francophonian devide that already lives in Belgium (at least it does in Flanders). I'm pretty sure people will give it meaning and I would really like to keep that out. I mean, we believe in the right of self-determination, but that doesn't have to mean "splitting up", nor does it have to mean "staying togheter", so I really would like to leave this hot potato as far away as possible.

Patrick Installé Wed 7 Nov 2018

The domain is paid until may 2019. We are npot in hurry. The transfert shoud be correctly synchronized.
It could be coherent to create a backup of finance.partipirate.be and tubize.partipirate.be and setup new instance in an hosting owned by the pirate party.
Those operation could be done in an IT lab.


Jelle Debusscher Thu 8 Nov 2018

  • For specific mediapurposes (marketing and different targetaudience) and mainly content in dutch I acquired https://piratenpartij.vlaanderen. The site isn't finished but it's already accessible and there some information on it. I'm extending it uses and purposes.
  • One of the possible choices would be to render a service to new crews to organisae themselves. Since the Antwerp site was down - and still is - I'm now building seperate domains per location: https://antwerpen/piratenpartij.vlaanderen, https://mechelen/piratenpartij.vlaanderen were we install seperate wordpress-instances. The idea is make us more visible by using the location as a structured keyword in combination with "piratenpartij" in google searches. I'm still imroving the SEO results. I can understand you don't like this "hot potatoe", but please see this as a mediastrategy specifically to get more local connections and visibility. The name 'vlaanderen' is attractive to some and a business-platform. Since we also have the Flemish Parliament, Flemish elections and we're not that present in Dutch, I went ahead and set it up.
  • I understand you wanted to keep that (separatistic Flemish cult) out, but it's necessary to get 'in' in my plan. Besides it can only help our exposure.
  • If you have any questions, or would like your own wordpress-installation, or would like to cooperate on the plans and data we're generating, please send us a mail. We're looking to connect dots, not seperate them, although it may seem that way. ;)

Valerie D. Thu 8 Nov 2018

@iljabaert I have a feeling there are two questions:
1) which is the central domain that we want, on which the website will be?
2) which other domains do we want to buy to redirect to it?
So we do not have to restrict ourselves.

Example : our old drupal website was on partipiratenpartij but typing pirateparty.be or piratenpartij.be was bringing us to it (if i remember well).

Of course, if you don't want to make your life complicated and buy too many domains, it's best to keep pirateparty.be and leave out the bilingual.


Valerie D. Thu 8 Nov 2018

eeerr well maybe you are connecting dots... but to me you are mostly drawing a new line, totally disconnected from the previous now :weary:


Ilja Baert Thu 8 Nov 2018

-> I have a feeling there are two questions
You are correct ofc

-> pirateparty.be and leave out the bilingual
I'll do that then ^

Now, it's not that have anything against a lot of domains per sé. It's just that they cost money, so I like to keep them as few as possible, but still be practical. I think we have that with the current domains (I'm not 100% sure about parley, but no one objected and I do like the the idea of a more neutral domain for sharing services to the world, so I guess that's that ' ).


Ilja Baert Thu 8 Nov 2018

I don't have anything against the .vlaanderen TLD. I also don't have anything against having a lot of domains, it's just that we're still living on donations, so it's our responsibility to make sure the money isn't wasted. AFAIK piratenpartij.vlaanderen isn't paid for by the general account, so this isn't an issue here.

I never said anything like wanting to keep that separatistic Flemish cult out. I littarly said that doesn't have to mean "splitting up", nor does it have to mean "staying togheter" I think it should be pretty clear that I'm talking about the whole discourse in general, not just one part of it.

For the rest
* I just now made https://www.loomio.org/d/QE0vNd4W/vlaanderen-verkiezingen-2019 for discussing elections.
* For discussing tools and webservices there's already https://www.loomio.org/d/CBXg8u56/pirate-kittens-it-find-and-host-libre-tools-that-pirates-need


HgO Sat 24 Nov 2018

Hello @patrickinstalle ! I made two subdomains that point to your OVH server :
* finance.pirateparty.be -> finance.partipirate.be
* tubize.pirateparty.be -> tubize.partipirate.be

Once you're done with the migration, we can transfer the domain partipirate.be to metaregistrar :)