Mon 9 Mar 2020

How to write a good deliberative question?

Paul Thistlethwaite Public Seen by 120

For my own personal enquiry and wanting to become more competent in this important area, I simply asked a couple of people to share how they do this. They both thought it an important topic and worthy of further sharing.

So posting it here seems an obvious next step.

So how do you write a good deliberative question?

Comment below or in this draft document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1strkwVze4-yieSOsKRkVcJHy56VIuQn4Pkl1GHV1wPU/edit which contains some of the thinking so far.

I will collate any gems and see where that gets us.



Tom Atlee Mon 9 Mar 2020

I added the following to your GoogleDoc, Paul:

The guidelines above are good ones and resonate with guidelines I’ve seen elsewhere. I have long been interested in what makes a question powerful, but have explored it mostly from how certain questions can serve insight, action, transformation, and/or the generation of collective wisdom rather than deliberation, per se.  I collected my general perspective and accumulated resources in the Powerful Questions pattern of the wise democracy pattern language.  At the top of that resource list is my co-intelligence.org page on The Power of Questions, which includes a further great list of approaches. A resource logged for adding to that resource list, but not yet added is Catalytic Thinking Practices.  The World Cafe people are great question formulators and questions feature heavily in their book. Also note that every pattern in the pattern language has several questions associated with it to stimulate exploration. I hope at least some of this is useful for your inquiry. - Tom Atlee

PS:  I wonder what folks would say in response to a question like “If we ran across a really good deliberative question, what about it would make it seem ‘good’ to us?”


Peter Macfadyen Tue 10 Mar 2020

Is 'How to write a good deliberative question?' a question or a statement with a question mark on the end?
(More serious consideration on the queston to follow....)


Paul Thistlethwaite Wed 11 Mar 2020

Definitely the former Peter, the document was just a start from a small number of people. The intention to collate collective wisdom on this.