Wed 21 Oct 2015

Questions about Contracting

Shadrock Roberts Public Seen by 252

One applicant wrote to me with some questions about what the final contracting process looks like for winners. I wanted to post my responses here in case others had the same questions:

What sort of other requirements will come from Ushahidi for this scope? The requirements will be written with you: basically we'll come up with the scope together and map out a schedule of deliverables (e.g. app tested with volunteers or "code delivered to Github") just to help keep us on track. 

How much of the funding will be dedicated to the actual product development versus any advertising or promotion of this idea after the fact? This will be up to the winner. We'd like to see as much as possible go to actual development, but we'd be happy to work with you. We may additionally be able to offer some support messaging through both Ushahidi and the Rockefeller foundation. 

Are there technical requirements for product delivery/making the work publicly available? Again, this will be worked out with the winner. In short, we want to see it hosted somewhere accessible (e.g. Github) and licensed under the most appropriate open-source or creative commons (for documentation) license. Again, this to be worked out with the winner. 

Is there any expectation of local counterpart labor or funding to complete this project or, assuming I limit my scope, can I do 100% the work using the awarded funds? I'm not quite sure what you mean with the first part of this sentence. If you're asking, "If I do all the work, can I then keep all the funds?" the answer is yes. The contract is between us and the winner. If, on the other hand, a winner wants (or needs) to sub-contract they can do that too: the winner is ultimately responsible for the use of funds.