Wed 2 Dec 2020 12:33PM

Any good tips for online tools to plan and track work as a team?

DBP Dhara (Sail Boat Project) Public Seen by 134

I'm wondering, before I plough into a spreadsheet, if there any recommendations for ways to plan a range of work over several months, with milestones, who's involved, etc. Thanks


Nathan Brown (Co-op Culture) Wed 2 Dec 2020 12:34PM

You could try Trello


Alex Buckmire Wed 2 Dec 2020 12:38PM

As well as Trello, we've used Pivotal Tracker for some year long projects.


M Sena Luphdika Wed 2 Dec 2020 12:49PM

Have you tried Notion?
It is very powerful for multiple use-cases


Graham Wed 2 Dec 2020 1:05PM

I'd recommend looking at Nextcloud. It's flexible (lots of plugin extras to extend functionality), does the Kanban/Trello thing along with calendars, file storage, etc. And its open source, so you can be investing in a co-op like Webarchitects (who provide hosting and support for it) rather than putting your money into a Silicon Valley monster. https://www.webarchitects.coop https://nextcloud.com


Andrew Woodcock Wed 2 Dec 2020 2:42PM

I'd second next cloud,

also Catalyst offer it as a service - hosting etc.




For on-line collaborative planning I'd use Jam Boards or Miro. For managing the work, some sort of workflow management KANBAN tool like Trello is ideal. I tend to use GANTT charts too. I can share a google sheet version. Slack or Mattermost good for team communications too.


Google 😖 are about to move into this space big time with "Tables" - alternative to Trello/Airtable but with more functionality. Currently only available if you use VPN to pretend you're in the US.


Dhara (Sail Boat Project) Thu 11 Feb 2021 10:33AM

Thanks for all these recommendations. We have used Trello, but we seem to have ended up with loomio and docs on google drive with spreadsheets keeping track of workplans. I'll look more at some of the other platforms mentioned.


Darren Fri 12 Feb 2021 1:35PM

Nextcloud has loads of nice functionality, but each different provider runs different setups. Eg. There are different collaborative document (like Google docs) services which can be included. Nextcloud Deck is the Nextcloud kanban (like Trello) tool, but I don't think its available from all Nextcloud providers.

If you're current workflow heavily uses Google Docs maybe Cryptpad would be useful for you? There's been a constant addition of tools there - including spreadsheets and a kanban tool.

You can use it via https://cryptpad.fr alternatively some of the Chaos Computer Club folks run an instance over at https://pads.c3w.at/

Also Disroot run a experimental / test instance https://disroot.org/en/#services


Sam Toland Thu 11 Feb 2021 11:13AM

Nextcloud does the job - but I must admit that we use Asana in our co-op and I really love it (as much as you can love project management software anyway). It is quite expensive though (but the functionality is amazing) and it is proprietary - which is a risk as it becomes embedded in our processes (what if they sell up, or go out of business etc.)

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karoline steward Mon 31 May 2021 7:28AM

Hi, I recommend using -Workstatus time-tracking software that tracks how much time an employee spends on a specific job, website, or program. This will also aid in increasing employee morale and efficiency.


  • safe time tracking

  • screen monitoring with automatic snapshots at regular intervals

  • app tracking and URL tracking

  • attendance control

  • audit daily routine work and more.

The time-tracking software for employees helps them remain focused on their everyday tasks. This software is fantastic for small businesses and freelancers to align themselves with their priorities and goals and track each project in detail—the best app for keeping track of tasks & projects because of its intuitive GUI.

Hope this helps you.

Thank you!


I've been using Kimai for time tracking for about a year and a half, mostly via the command line app, but also a lot using the web interface, it is Free software and I've written an Ansible role to install and update it and as a result Webarchitects can offer it at a flat rate -- without pricing based on the number of users as is the case with services like Harvest.


Jim Wild Wed 2 Jun 2021 10:32AM

Hi, we have been using a database driven web interface for time tracking and project data for a few years now and are getting our developer to work on next version that will be much more comprehensive and include the forward planning as well as tracking. It's really designed around architecture/engineering consultants and the projects that we do, so it's journey from initial enquiry to hand over and 12months defects into 12 years archive. I've been looking for collaborators who want to share I the development (costs and) rewards. But everyone's too busy! Happy to share more details with those who are keen to learn more. Trello, zoho, and many others are cheaper to begin with, but the costs will soon ramp up and don't do exactly what we want.