Wed 5 Feb 2020

Templates for Bylaws of platform coop

John Public Seen by 128

I am working with an organization that will be a limited coop association (investor and patron members) operating as a platform co-op (encrypted file storing and sharing). Are there templates available for how membership meetings are conducted , a process for membership votes, and other parts of the bylaws that coordinate a membership spread across space and time? I am looking through the Fair Shares Model Constitution but am also hoping to find a US (and ideally a LCA) version.


Matt Noyes Wed 5 Feb 2020

These are much more complex than what you seem to be looking for, nonetheless, there may be interesting ideas and guidelines here for you: https://wiki.guerrillamediacollective.org/index.php/Distributed_Cooperative_Organization_(DisCO)_Governance_Model_V_3.0#Care_work_Value


Nathan Schneider Thu 6 Feb 2020

Check out the "bylaws" at ioo.coop/library