UK Quarterly Project Q3 2020

Gareth L(Director) Public Seen by 40

The Q2 project draws to a close at the end of June. Please weigh in any suggestions for what the Q3 project could be!


Martin Lucas-Smith Fri 5 Jun

Conflation of the TfL CID data - which is particularly relevant at present given the increase in cycling levels.

See: https://github.com/cyclestreets/tflcid-conversion
and: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/TfL_Cycling_Infrastructure_Database


Gareth L(Director) Fri 5 Jun

I'd also like to suggest cycle infrastructure for the Q3 project. Continuing with the topical theme from Q2 project, the government is encouraging people to walk or cycle more to attempt to limit the number of cars on the road and reduce the number of users of public transport (which if I read that sentence back just 6 months ago would astound me).

So the mapping of cycle infrastructure, routes (their surface, widths too) cycle parking (is it covered/uncovered) etc would be useful across the country.

Furthermore, there is the TfL Cycling Infrastructure Database in London which has been getting prepared for inclusion into OSM is a huge data set.

Refining of UK mapping conventions/guidelines for this kind of infrastructure too will help.


Dan S Sat 6 Jun

An idle thought: footpath and pavement widths would be useful, for safely distanced perambulations. Has anyone looked into how complete our UK data are on this? That's something each person could do in their own local area.


Gareth L(Director) Thu 9 Jul

Any further suggestions? At this point it looks likely to be cycling infrastructure (which in many cases can include pavement widths)