Fri 5 Jun 2020

UK Quarterly Project Q3 2020

Gareth L Public Seen by 48

The Q2 project draws to a close at the end of June. Please weigh in any suggestions for what the Q3 project could be!


Martin Lucas-Smith Fri 5 Jun 2020

Conflation of the TfL CID data - which is particularly relevant at present given the increase in cycling levels.

See: https://github.com/cyclestreets/tflcid-conversion
and: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/TfL_Cycling_Infrastructure_Database


Gareth L Fri 5 Jun 2020

I'd also like to suggest cycle infrastructure for the Q3 project. Continuing with the topical theme from Q2 project, the government is encouraging people to walk or cycle more to attempt to limit the number of cars on the road and reduce the number of users of public transport (which if I read that sentence back just 6 months ago would astound me).

So the mapping of cycle infrastructure, routes (their surface, widths too) cycle parking (is it covered/uncovered) etc would be useful across the country.

Furthermore, there is the TfL Cycling Infrastructure Database in London which has been getting prepared for inclusion into OSM is a huge data set.

Refining of UK mapping conventions/guidelines for this kind of infrastructure too will help.


Dan S Sat 6 Jun 2020

An idle thought: footpath and pavement widths would be useful, for safely distanced perambulations. Has anyone looked into how complete our UK data are on this? That's something each person could do in their own local area.


Gareth L Thu 9 Jul 2020

Any further suggestions? At this point it looks likely to be cycling infrastructure (which in many cases can include pavement widths)


Huw Diprose Wed 22 Jul 2020

Hello, I'm new to the community (just trying to fight with paypal to sign up as a member).
I was wondering about a focus on buildings, specifically it seems UPRNs have now been released with OGL licence (https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/business-government/products/open-uprn). Have we considered using these to both match and enhance tags for existing buildings, but also potentially to highlight problems (buildings that could be subdivided, buildings that have changed since last arial photography, new buildings or areas where buildings are unmapped?)


Huw Diprose Wed 22 Jul 2020

Or alternatively, It seems local authorities keep excellent "difinitive map" of local rights of way. The accessibility of these seems to vary, some LAs have released their data as shapefiles with OGL licencing, others have it as visit only or embeded in propritary software.

I notice many paths in my local area are missing from OSM. Instead of just looking up a walk and making my own traces to fill in gaps, I was wondering if we could request these definitive maps (or FOI data where it isn't published) and then improve the right of way dataset across England and Wales?


Robert Whittaker Thu 23 Jul 2020

Details of what Pubic Rights of Way data is available from each Surveying Authority can be found at https://osm.mathmos.net/prow/open-data/ . I've also made a tool to help mappers improve the footpath data in OSM using this official data: https://osm.mathmos.net/prow/progress/ .


Huw Diprose Thu 23 Jul 2020

Hey Robert, I just found some of your work on this and send you a message on OSM! :D

That page looks fantastic, and answers most of the questions i just sent you. Looking forward to getting stuck in!


Jez Nicholson Thu 23 Jul 2020

Hi Huw, and welcome to the community. I assume that you've also found Talk-GB mailing list where a lot of chat goes on https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/talk-gb

The whole UPRN + buildings is definitely building up (no pun intended) to be quarterly project material. This and other data sources could be combined to make building creation much easier...i'm thinking OS Open Data buildings (which are simplified blocks) and Environment Agency LIDAR.

I'd quite like to see a group-owned software development around this to create a new tool.

Paths are a subject close to a number of UK mappers' hearts and lots of work is going on in that area. It has a number of difficulties with copyright issues. Have a poke around on the wiki https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Access_provisions_in_the_United_Kingdom#UK_local_councils and maybe ask on Talk-GB


Huw Diprose Thu 23 Jul 2020

Hey Jez,

I hadn't actually spotted the mailing list, thanks very much I'll get signed up.

Thanks so much for the welcoming response, I realise I'm blundering in late to the party - those all look like great links.

I'm particuarly interetested in your mention of the developing some new software. I'm a developer in my day job, so happy to pitch in.

I'll go sign up to the mailing list and catch up on the wiki.
Anyway won't hijack this thread any more - looking forward to seeing what the communtiy does in Q3!


Tony Shield Thu 23 Jul 2020

Hi Huw,

Welcome, I was a beginner 2 years ago. I noted that the area where I live was not mapped in as great detail as other areas. So I've tried to fill in the blanks - and there are a lot of them. To do this I've developed personal workflows - on my bike, take Mapillary images with a mounted smartphone, view the images and attached data to add building and addresses and any other detail; use aerial images to add buildings or open spaces. I use a tool called JOSM which is a highly flexible IDE which is Open source - with all the benefits that brings (there are other tools available).

Mapping with Ordnance Survey data is difficult, they have lots of maps which are licensed by Local Authorities - so all the data is claimed as copyright to OS. The result is we cannot copy their maps or abstract data - we have to do it from our own observation. Some OS sources are open - but we need to be ultra sure that the data we use is available to OSM usually via an open data license.

Again, welcome and look forward to talking , working, meeting with you and seeing your additions.


Huw Diprose Fri 24 Jul 2020

Thanks for the warm welcome Tony, I think that sounds like an excellent plan.
I'm looking for excuses to get outside and explore, Mapillary and a bike sounds like a great lark.

Yeah i suppose i'm finding myself interested in the increasing number of datasets popping up under OGL terms (UPRNs, definitive right of way maps, some LIDAR data it seems). Government has made some committments in an open data direction of the last few years. Hearing some talks recently I get the sense there's some debates in the community about big imports vs individual mapping. Still trying to work out the pros and cons for myself.

But yeah, my current part of the world seems fairly sparse on buildings and infrastrucutre, wherther it's shading it in over time through surveys or collaborating on some data imports, I'll just be happy to fill in a few gaps.

Looking forward to getting to know you and the community better too!


RobJN Mon 27 Jul 2020

Hi Huw,

As others have said, a very warm welcome to the OpenStreetMap community. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Regarding OGL data, we held a workshop on the UPRN/USRN data recently. You can read about that here: https://osmuk.org/minutes/sotm-meeting-2020-07-04/

We also bid for a microgrant to see if the USRN data could be added to OSM. Unfortunately that didn't receive funding so we are keen to hear other ideas. The original idea was here: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Microgrants/Microgrants_2020/Proposal/Addition_of_USRNs_and_outreach_to_public_sector

Perhaps this could be a good project for Q4 2020. :-)