March 13th, 2020 14:12

COVID-19 Discussion and Assemblies Archive and Chat

Will Franks
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A place to document and record discussions and assemblies about the corona virus and XR's response to it. And of course, to continue the conversation!

Will Franks

Will Franks March 13th, 2020 14:15

What should Future Democracy offer in response to the corona virus outbreak? Currently in the pipeline is:

In response to the Corona Virus outbreak, Future Democracy is offering: 

  • Online Assemblies on COVID-19 and XR's response (and change of plans to the UK May rebellion).

  • Support and trainings for facilitators to run the above sessions.

  • Daily support and sharing circles.

  • A chance to play with Digital democracy tools. Ideas welcome!!

  • Guidance for local groups to use community democracy and mutual aid in response to corona. Perhaps a resource pack (google doc?).