Wed 14 Oct 2015

The Role of Public Feedback

Shadrock Roberts Public Seen by 262

Each submission has been posted here as a discussion thread for public feedback. We want to hear from you about their strengths and weaknesses and whether you think the proposed idea will improve resilience in Boulder or improve citizen engagement. We encourage you to vote. Your feedback will be taken into account by the our judges, but they will ultimately have the final say!

We're also looking to this feedback as a way to help foster community around technology that can be used to improve resilience in Boulder. During our meetings in Boulder we met lots of tech folks who were looking for projects and lots of service-delivery folks that were looking for help: but they didn’t seem to be connecting. This is a place to look for potential partners moving forward irrespective of the result of the tech challenge and to help make connections between ideas and community needs.

The platform we’re using has 4, pre-set, voting options that we’re using as follows:

  • The Green Thumb / I agree: you agree that the idea will improve resilience in Boulder or strengthen citizen engagement. You can still leave critical feedback, but you generally think it’s a great idea.
  • The Yellow Thumb / I abstain: We’re using this to express no real strong emotion. Think of it as a “meh” button. It indicates that more detail is necessary to really have an opinion.
  • The Pink Thumb / I disagree: you don’t agree that the idea will improve resilience in Boulder or strengthen citizen engagement. It may still be a great idea, and you can leave positive feedback, but you just don’t think it meets the criteria.
  • The Red Hand / I block: use this only if the idea shouldn’t be considered for extremely egregious reasons such as theft of intellectual property or potential harm to citizens. If you vote to block you will be asked to provide clear and incontrovertible proof of the reason for blocking. We don’t anticipate seeing any blocks and a block will not necessarily negate the submission but it’s important for us to register anything potentially harmful.

Shadrock Roberts Wed 14 Oct 2015

We’re happy to have 6 very strong submissions for the UR Boulder Tech Challenge! Because the quality is high and the quantity is low, all 6 submissions are finalists to pitch their idea live to the panel of judges. That being said, our first-round judges will be reviewing each idea and leaving feedback. And we still really, really, REALLY want your feedback to help them refine their ideas to be as good as they can be!