Tue 13 Aug 2019

Social.Coop Representative to Internet of Ownership Project Council

Matt Noyes Public Seen by 228

For over a year Matt Noyes have represented Social.Coop on the IoO Project Council. The IoO has been largely dormant, but still has active members who are now discussing its future. It makes sense for Social.Coop to renew its representation on the Project Council so we can be part of this discussion. (https://ioo.coop/)
Hace ya más de un año que Matt Noyes forma parte de consejo de proyecto del Internet of Ownership representando al Social.Coop. El IoO ha estado aletargado pero ahora sus miembros activos están discutiendo el futuro del IoO y su CP. Sería mejor que Social.Coop renueva su representación con el fin de participar en esa discusión más relevante con respecto al tema del internet of ownership y su misión.


Matt Noyes started a proposal Tue 13 Aug 2019

Should we hold an election for a representative to the Internet of Ownership? ¿Deberíamos elegir un representante al consejo de proyectos del IoO? Closed Fri 16 Aug 2019

by Matt Noyes Sat 17 Aug 2019

Of 15 people voting, there were no disagrees or blocks, so we agreed to hold an election for our representative to the Internet of Ownership Project Council. Please see the thread for discussion and next steps.

Agree - 11
Abstain - 4
Disagree - 0
Block - 0
14 people have voted (14%)

Nathan Schneider
Wed 14 Aug 2019

An election would be fine, but it might be simpler to ask whether anyone else would like to volunteer to hold this role. I'm also curious whether Matt would want to stay on or pass it to someone else.


Wed 14 Aug 2019

I echo Nathan's response. Elections are classic democratic machinery. But this degree of formality may not be quite consistent with the social reality of social.coop, which is in fact (?) rather informal. Maybe the formaility is an aspiration?!


Matt Noyes Sat 17 Aug 2019

In response to @ntnsndr and @mikeh8, I would be happy to continue on the Project Council but am equally happy to see someone else do it. Following their suggestions, my thought is to set up a poll to see if anyone else wants to volunteer. If not, I can continue for a fixed time, say six months.


Matthew Cropp Sat 17 Aug 2019

That sounds reasonable; thanks for your work on this, Matt.