Extinction Rebellion UK

An experiment..

into a better way for rebels to communicate around decision making, reflection and feedback.

  1. This is an experiment

    Don't get too attached to this new platform, how we're using it or any outcomes just yet.

    Over November we'll be testing it to see if it improves how we work together.

    You're also welcome to create / participate in 'meta' threads (talking about how we use this platform effectively). This experiment came from XR UK's Feedback Culture working group.

  2. Create a New thread...
    ...as a question (this helps remove your bias, increases diversity of people who want to engage, and steers us eventually toward actionable outcomes).

    Threads which don't end in question marks will be challenged!

    You can immediately respond inside your thread.

  3. Threads can be about anything
    Conversations you think we haven't had and really need to; or are having, but not in an effective way yet.

    Us facilitators will create and edit groups, and rearrange threads into them as we see how you use this tool. We can also 'fork' tangents inside threads into New threads, to help keep conversation focused, easy to navigate and generative.

  4. Temperature check

    Loomio offers voting tools and other advice / temperature checking tools, which you're welcome to play with when you want to propose something actionable or do a temperature check on what feels like an emerging take away when reflecting on something like an action - perhaps a tangible thing we've learned together through dialogue.

  5. Invite others to join:


For now, this group is PUBLIC
So until we've done an initial experiment with Loomio to see if we feel it could improve XR's collaboration, please only share stuff you're happy for the world to read! - PS. you might like to enable the new Loomio v2

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