Consulting partners

There’s so much more to collaboration than just choosing the right app. Building a new decision-making habit is a serious piece of work. If you’re looking for training, advice, or hands-on support from an experienced consultant, facilitator or coach, choose from our list of accredited Loomio Consulting Partners.

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The Hum

Collaboration services from some of the founders of Loomio. We work with organisations committed to decentralised decision making, especially co-ops, startups, and self-managing companies. We offer training workshops, retreats, advice, and consulting.

Based in New Zealand & globally active

Hatchling Consulting

Online facilitation and coaching expertise from Loomio co-operative member. Mary can help you set up your Loomio group and develop facilitation skills to achieve better outcomes.

Offering training, coaching, consulting and facilitation services, for companies focusing on developing more human-centred work practices and cultures. Mary’s experience includes government, NGOs, business start-up and scale-up. Contact [email protected]

Based in New Zealand, globally active

Leadwise Academy

Master leadership skills to revolutionize your work culture. Give teams purpose and agility through self-management. Leadwise Academy offers ‘Decision Making in the New Era of Work’, a semi-immersive online training course.

Find out more at Leadwise Academy, a path to be accredited as a Loomio consulting partner.

Based in New Zealand, Online course available globally


EXP offers consulting and facilitation services for high performing teams and innovative organisations. We are available to support organisational strategy, learning programme design, capacity building, partnerships and launching new initiatives.

Based in New Zealand and Australia, globally active

Kaplan Consulting

U.S. based facilitation and coaching expertise – online and onsite - from a Loomio co-operative member. MJ can help you set up your Loomio group and develop facilitation skills to achieve better, faster outcomes.

MJ provides training, coaching, consulting and facilitation services for organizations prioritizing more inclusive, agile and human-centered work practices and cultures. MJ brings 30 years of experience aligning intent and results in business, NGOs, government, and start-ups. Contact [email protected]

Based in Rhode Island, USA

Deep Waters Consulting

We create award winning organisations and leaders in business, government and communities. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organisations facilitate change, achieve their vision, deliver on promises and optimise performance and productivity. We offer consulting, strategic planning, advising and executing using smart tools and global resources.

See our recent case study: Building Workforce Capability To Address Family Violence And Sexual Violence

Based in Wellington, New Zealand


Public Engagement Projects helps organisations learn to listen to, and engage with, their stakeholders and public to deliver improved decision-making, trust and relationships. With over 15 years of experience, and recognition from the OECD and the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), our engagement services include strategy and planning, information provision, face-to-face and online processes, analysis, reporting and evaluation across a wide range of public issues.

Based in New Zealand, active in Australia and NZ

Become an accredited Loomio Consulting Partner

Loomio is partnering with aligned consulting companies who want to introduce Loomio to their clients, to implement collaborative practices and engage stakeholders. At Loomio we focus on building the best product we can, yet realize that many teams and organisations need expert help in developing good practice - that's where our consultant partners come in.

If you are planning to introduce Loomio to your clients, please contact us to inquire about our Partner program.