Loomio GDPR compliance

Loomio has undertaken a full internal review of how we handle personal data in the context of the EU GDPR. We only use or share personal data where users have given permission to do so, and we have verified all the third parties and Data Processors that we engage with are also committed to compliance with the GDPR.

We're delighted that the GDPR has come into effect and we support the shift to a more privacy respecting industry.

Loomio users under the GDPR have:

Loomio Cooperative is a Data Controller

The Loomio Cooperative Limited operates www.loomio.org as well as a number of private hosts for our clients, these are each known as Loomio instances.

Loomio is software for people to have discussions and to make decisions together. Personal data is collected and processed to serve this purpose. You may refer to our terms of service and privacy policy for more information.

Additionally, Loomio is open source software, freely available from the Github repository. There are many independent instances of the Loomio software running where Loomio Cooperative is not the data controller and bears no responsibility.

"Each instance of the Loomio is a separate system. Consent to store and process personal data is handled instance by instance, under control of the respective data controller.

Data Protection Officer

Loomio has appointed Robert Guthrie as the DPO for Loomio Cooperative. Enquiries and requests can be made via email: [email protected].