CultureBanks (CopyFair)

Welcome to CultureBanks: A stewardship initiative aiming to pool creative assets under contributory commons agreements, manage them and 'bank' residual incomes: 'Citizen's Wealth Funds' drawn from shared mutually owned 'cultural' intellectual property assets. Please take a moment to choose the thread your contribution fits best underneath ( or make a new one) and thanks very much for being involved. NB - We have set up a Facebook group to demonstrate the power and value of people in all social media platforms to produce (but not always own) 'content'. As an informal content collective, Witty Captions create images with text for use as greetings cards under Contributory Cultural Commons agreements. Any publishing rights resulting from the page is commonly owned by all contributors and currently all financial proceeds are being held in escrow for, in lieu of contributors self organising to own and distribute funds - Norwich City Council Cultural Services. contact liam@culturebanks.com with enquiries.

Link to join Witty Captions:  Witty CaptionsPublic group · 109 membersJoin GroupA page for Images with WITTY CAPTIONS

Small Print: The aim of the page is to produce a Common Pool Resource (CPR) of images with text which can be u... 

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