Aotearoa Permaculture Network

This Aotearoa Permaculture Network (APN) promotes online collaboration tools to all groups and organisations which promote the learning, practice, and development of permaculture, in the islands of Aotearoa. Our initial project used the generous free hosting of CoActivate.org to allow people to set up their own email lists and wikipages for project-based local groups and bioregional networks, and countrywide groups including PINZ (Permaculture in NZ), and TransitionTowns Aotearoa/ NZ:

This group will used to make decisions about all aspects of the APN, including what services we offer, how we promote and support them, and our relationships with other permaculture organisations in Aotearoa. It will also offer people using APN services a chance to get a feel for using Loomio, which they may then want to use in other projects, either as a subgroup of the APN Loomio group, or by setting up their own Loomio group.