Other individuals with special knowledge of the performance, such as an occupational therapist, school psychologist, or behavioral therapist, may also be invited to participate with the IEP team. The decision to include these individuals is made by either the parents or the school system.


And advocate is a person who knows the law better than the parents and is able to better fight for the best interests of the child. An advocate is not a required member of the IEP team under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), but parents could find it helpful to have someone with custom writing essays of the law working with them.


If appropriate, the student should also be included as a part of the IEP team. The decision of whether or not it is appropriate for the student to participate in the IEP meeting is to be made by the parents or guardians. If there will be discussions of transitioning goals and services, the student IDEA requires the student be invited to participate.

Each member of the IEP team should be working in the best interests of the student. By working together they will help guide the child to success.