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This is a place for all supporters of FairShares and members of the FairShares Association to discuss and develop ideas, study courses and plan projects together. We are developing services so you can engage in cooperative social entrepreneurship.

Talk with others at: https://whereby.com/fairshares (up to 4 people)
Learn with others at: https://whereby.com/fairshares-study (up to 12 people)
Plan with others at: https://whereby.com/fairshares-lab (up to 12 people)

Breakout Rooms (2 - 4 people)
https://whereby.com/sei (Social Enterprise International)
https://whereby.com/fsi (FairShares Institute)

Useful sites

FairShares Association at https://fairshares.coop
FairShares Rules Generator at https://fairsharesrules.org
FairShares Institute (for courses) at http://fsi.coop/courses
FairShares Platform at https://fairsharesplatform.eu


Want to apply to be a Labour or User Member?
Apply at https://fairshares.coop/membership/.

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New 'Introduction to the FairShares Model' Course
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Kickstarter Campaign for a Book on FairShares Commons Companies
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Last Call - 24 hours left to enrol on the first tutor-led 'Introduction to the FairShares Model' course
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Workshops on FairShares Labs at 7th EMES International Research Conference
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Making it easy to meet online
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Where can I learn about FairShares?
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NESI Global Forum, April 24-26 @ Malaga, Spain
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Welcome to Caroline Ridley-Duff
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FairShares fish and chips shop?
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2018 Impact Report from the FairShares Association
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Reform of Economics Education
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Social Licence Agreement
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Model Rules for an FCA Accepted FairShares Cooperatives
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Academic Panel - Mistake
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Testing Slack
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Invitation to event on designing a stakeholder economy on 20th Sept London
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Publishing the 'Methodology for Creating a FairShares Lab'
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Resonate 2018 AGM, FairShares and Loomio
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FairShares in Belgian law
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FairShares and self-governing developmental organisations
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Does anyone have experience of opencollective.org
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Methodology for Creating a FairShares Lab
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First FairShares Course in Beta
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Six Capitals
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Who is using and supporting FairShares?
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FairShares Labs Brochures
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Ltd Company conversion to Fairshares Co-op in Malta
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Brendan Denovan
Creative Commons
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Rory (FSA)
FairShares V3.0 has been Published
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Clark C. Evans
Concrete example of how returns are allocated?
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Rory (FSA)
A Simple Explanation of FairShares
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Standing Orders for General Meetings
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Is having "open" IP a necessary constraint of a FairShares Association?
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Questions on Model Rules for a FairShares Coop
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Resonate - Music Streaming Platform Coop
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International FairShares School, 20-22 November
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Talk face to face with other FairSharers
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Implementation in the NZ legal system
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Zoom for member meetings.
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