Wed 25 Mar 2015

Loomio is co-hosting the Open Source // Open Society Conference - you are invited to attend and support!

Alanna Irving Public Seen by 220

Loomio is a co-host - with GitHub, Enspiral, and Chalkle - of a really amazing event coming up: the Open Source // Open Society conference in Wellington, NZ April 16/17. We want to tell you, our community, about it, and ask for your involvement and support.

Open Source // Open Society will be a meeting of the minds around the intersection of open source software with open business, open education, open data, open government, and open democracy, with rich sessions on things like open design, open science, and open hardware. There will be fantastic content for technical and non-technical people alike, and we're taking an open and participatory approach to the conference design itself.

Loomio is involved because openness in foundational to everything we do. Our software is open source, and so is our company handbook. Read more about why we're so excited about the conference on our blog.

We know many of our lovely community members are located far away from New Zealand and might not be able to attend, but we'll be filming a lot of the content and sharing it as much as we can.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

Open conference design is something I'm really interested in, and event management is a pretty common use case for Loomio. I've used it to organise many retreats, conferences, and workshops in ways that include the participants a lot more that a one-way talkfest. If people have ideas or comments about this, feel free to share here!


Joum Sat 28 Mar 2015

Watching with interest. Would love to visit loomio people at their home in NZ some time.



Alanna Irving Sun 29 Mar 2015

Yay, I hope you can someday @lbjoum :)