Sat 17 Oct

Inviting people as individuals vs. organisation representatives & using microsolidarity for political organising

Romy Krämer Public Seen by 49

I'm hoping to get some input from you microsolidarity cracks out there @Richard D. Bartlett @Jordan Lyon @Alex Rodriguez @Drew Hornbein (please tag others you know who might be able to help) about a challenge I'm dealing with at the moment:

Departing from a core group of people, some of who are municipal-level politicians, we're planning to use microsolidarity as an organising tool to build trust and better relationships among people who're politically active in that municipality. Our target group for the congregation are other activists in social movements and city-based social change initiatives (anything from right to the city/housing, mobility, climate, anti-racism,...).

The issue right now is that there are hesitations from social movement activists to be in a process together with politicians who're currently in government. We're trying to frame it mainly as a primarily private engagement ('you come as you and not as a representative of your organisation') but that doesn't seem to fly as soon as you enter a space of people involved in (extraparliamentary) politics. People seem to have major objections of being used for some shady pseudo-engagement process.

Anyone ever experience sth similar? Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Richard D. Bartlett Sat 17 Oct

Cool question! I don't really understand the concerns very well. Could you unpack that some more?