GA + BBQ 19th May 2018 (from old date 22th of April)

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At the piratelab, we were talking about organizing a GA in April (22nd of April would be a good idea, need to ask for availability). We would organize it in de Markten (like the New Year's brunch) in Brussels.

It is important however to have a clear agenda and process: the GA is not meant to endlessly amend stuff or to get stuff through where not enough emotional consensus exists, but rather to confirm legitimacy over the path we are following.

Of course, this does not mean that the more informal discussions during the GA can not help us forward.

We sometimes used difficult processes to determine agenda, .... Maybe most important is to install a 'freeze period' for the themes of at least 2 weeks before the GA (in case e.g points are too contesting).

Points that could be ripe: new website, removing everything from the statutes that everybody agrees does not make sense anymore, a simple repartition of money for the elections if there is no better one.


HgO Tue 30 Jan 2018

En français ci-dessous

Thanks for posting this !

So, we would need three workgroups :
* Website
* Finance (for the money distribution between crews, during the electoral campaign)
* Statutes

As Website and Statutes seems to be on their way, a Finance workgroup is missing. It's probably best to open a new thread on loomio for that matter.

Regarding the deadlines, we would have something like this, right ?
1. ?? : Announcement for the GA and its process
2. 18th March* : Discussion / Feedback on each proposals
3. 8th April : Freeze of the discussions
4. 22nd April : GA
5. 28th April : Pirate Lab / Follow up

* I gave three weeks for the discussions, but maybe that's better to have more ? For instance, starting the discussions / feedback on the 11th March ? But then, wouldn't the deadlines be too short for those who make the proposals?

Merci d'avoir posté ceci!

Il nous faudrait donc trois groupes de travail:
* Site Web
* Finances (pour la répartition de l'argent entre les équipages, pendant la campagne électorale)
* Statuts

Comme les équipes travaillant sur le site Web et les statuts semblent déjà être en route, il manque un groupe de travail sur les finances. C'est sans doute mieux d'ouvrir un nouveau sujet sur Loomio à ce sujet.

En ce qui concerne les échéances, nous aurions quelque chose comme ça, n'est-ce pas?
1. ?? : Annonce de l'AG et de son processus
2. 18 mars* : Discussion / Feedback sur chaque proposition
3. 8 avril : Gel des discussions
4. 22 avril : AG
5. 28 avril : Pirate Lab / Suivi de l'AG

* J'ai mis trois semaines pour les discussions, mais c'est peut-être mieux d'en avoir plus? Par exemple, commencer les discussions / feedback le 11 mars? Mais alors, les délais ne seraient-ils pas trop courts pour ceux qui font les propositions?


HgO Fri 9 Feb 2018

@josse Do you want to make an announcement / call for the next GA in this month's newsletter ?


Josse Fri 9 Feb 2018

Just asked de Markten and only small rooms are still available on the 22nd


Josse Mon 12 Feb 2018

We could also do the GA in June before the BBQ. As it is not that urgent to have the website in April. (Scoutszolder in Leuven should not be too bad)


HgO Mon 12 Feb 2018

I agree that April is a bit early, because that would mean we need to have the three proposals (elections budget, website, statutes) ready for March.

I'd prefer 19-20th May (one week before the lab), because I'm afraid that June would be a little bit late for the elections budget. Otherwise, I'd be okay for the 23-24th June.


Josse Thu 15 Feb 2018

23/24 or 30th of June would still be possible to do it in de Scoutszolder. To be discussed next piratelab.


Josse Wed 7 Mar 2018

We were only 3 last lab. Would you still be all right for 19-20 May? Then I can ask for organisation of the bbq then?


Josse Thu 29 Mar 2018

18th -19th May would still be possible for the Scoutszolder...


Josse Sun 1 Apr 2018

Conclusion after the Piratelab: we have already reserved the Scoutszolder (Wilsele, Leuven) for the 19th of May. (5pm) Everyone welcome. Who wants to eat at with us will need to pay 10 € (or brings his own food).


HgO Sun 1 Apr 2018

Great ! :)

We should rename this thread though, to avoid confusion with the dates :p What about "GA + BBQ 19th May 2018" ?


HgO Sun 1 Apr 2018

@josse I noticed that you don't talk about the allocation of the electoral budget (for the crews running for the elections) on the wiki page of the event. Did you forget to do it, or did you change your mind? '


Josse Mon 2 Apr 2018

I still wanted to leave it open in order to formulate things correctly.


Josse Mon 2 Apr 2018

I will make a separate Loomio topic.


HgO Sat 7 Apr 2018

We should improve the wiki page for the GA, because in the newsletter we say "all details are on the wiki page" which is... empty.

Could someone do that ? :) We can use the last GA or the brunch as templates :
* https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Assembly_Fall_2016
* https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Party/Event/21_01_2018

There is also a general template for GAs (but it is a bit outdated...) : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Events/GA:Template


HgO Mon 9 Apr 2018

Ok I copy / pasted the content of the newsletter that concerned the GA on the wiki page... People motivated can do the French and Dutch version, I think I did more than my part...


Thierry Fenasse Sat 19 May 2018

I see soo few interactions here on Loomio or on the Wiki page ... does this event will occure?

I do not even see the event on the fb group page (but I'm not connected because I do not use fb, maybe I'm missing something?)

I ask because I'm sick and I would stay warm at home but @patrickinstalle asked me to dispaly the bank account balance for the formal GA part of this GA/BBQ event of tonight.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Sat 19 May 2018

Well, the event was not cancelled so I guess it's still happening. But I don't know anyone from Liège or BW who will attend.

I don't see any FB event either (on the FB group and/or the page) :confused:

I suppose we can have the information on the bank account balance some other time if not tonight?


Josse Sat 19 May 2018

Hm, the event was made on fb. https://www.facebook.com/events/1624168090985333/

I think Patrick updated the financials on his website. The most important thing is to see that money is available for people who want to participate in the coming elections.


Thierry Fenasse Sat 19 May 2018

I sent you by mail the most « important » screen captures about bank balance.

I hope there will be some reported notes, pads or wiki page update if something formal is discussed, voted and or decided.

And by the way when you say « I think Patrick updated the financials on his website. » you seems to forget that it is not his website. As the latest backup treasurer he keeps maintaining that pirates finances wiki and duties where former financial involved folks like Stef K. or Toon V. had access but stoped contributing on the work.


Thierry Fenasse Tue 22 May 2018

How was the GA BBQ? Any thing interresting did pops out of the GA part?


Josse Tue 22 May 2018

As I could not find back the wiki page for the GA immediately, best to put the little report here. Not many were present and there were no real discussions in the GA part itself. (<1h)

  • website: consensus over verhaal + ok voor flexibele "oplossingen"-gedeelte

  • voorstellen financiën (rekening ppbe)

    • voor gemeenteraadsverkiezingen: ok op basis van kostennota's (we denken toch geen grote onkosten te hebben -> indien > 500€ : loomio / omzend...) (geen problemen maken waar er geen zijn)
  • woordje GDPR (Christophe)

    • virtuele identiteit (gdpr -> bedrijven binnen 30 dagen)
    • bewustmaking
    • Oproep: vraag uw gegevens op!

- best klein affiches -> als we er iets opzetten: leesbaar

Donc en fr:
- site web: consensus pour la partie histoire (de "jusqu'aux organizations verticales/horizontales) + ok pour faire une partie solutions flexible
- propositions finances (les images sur le compte de ppbe)
- pour les élections communales: ok pour travailler à base de frais (on ne pense pas en avoir beaucoup en tout cas, si c'est plus de 500€ => Loomio) (on ne va pas faire de problème où il n'y en a pas)
- mot sur le GDPR (Christophe)
l'identité virtuelle (gdpr: les sociétés doivent répondre dans les 30 jours)
sensibiliser: demandez vos données!