Sun 6 Nov 2016

What topics or problems in the community do you want to discuss?

Jose Ramos Public Seen by 330

Hi folks, we now have about 10 people on this EmpowerWest group. Welcome to the newcomers.

As we experiment with this loomio platform and learn how to use it, I wanted to invite anyone in this group to offer any topics or problems in the community that you wanted to first discuss (and then ultimately vote for a solution). Feel free to post and let me know. Thanks Jose


Martina Kramer Mon 7 Nov 2016

Hi Jose,
Great initiative!
Read about it in weekly local newspaper.

I do have a big a worry in regards to housing and building activities everywhere here in Footscray . Old houses in lovely streets get broken down and all this so called " modern" homes suddenly pop up - really ugly next to the charming
old workers homes . So now we have the lovely old houses , plus the Italian brick ones with some Asian style ones in between - adding a completely new new not really nice style creates a real hotchpotch and the charm of many street gets totally lost. I think
guidelines would be helpful but the question is what would be the right appropriate look ? No idea how to tackle that ?



Jose Ramos Thu 10 Nov 2016

Hi Martina

I totally understand what you are talking about. In our little corner of Wefo, all the corner houses are getting knocked down and being replaced by rather featureless townhouse - and they don't necessarily look good side by side.

Elena, Michelle, Rob, any one else have some ideas?

My other recommendation would be to bring this up with the Facebook Maribyrnong Community Discussion Group

see what people say, and then perhaps bring it back for a proposal and vote?