Fri 1 Feb 2019

2/1/19: 9am Final LIVESTREAM from #ICNY: Capital Connect

Bill Wendel Public Seen by 160

Like last year, #ICNY’s final day is designed to help #REStartUps and funding sources learn about each other, transformative trends, and opportunities to invest.

iBuyers — institution-buyers who offer quick CASH sales at reduced prices are generating the most attention, but there are questions about that business model despite predictions that it could become 20% or more of the market. (More info available upon request.)

Beyond that, is there a fundamental tension between raising funds from investors and delivering savings to consumers? One franchise operator yesterday challenged the assumption that disrupting real estate means reducing transaction costs. Pointing to fees and equity extraction charged by iBuyers which he said could be over 15%, he opened the possibility of raising real estate commissions.

That’s in stark contrast to what happened during the last downturn in real estate.


There’s widespread agreement that the housing market is cooling, what business models and funding strategies that favors is up for debate. Watch today to hear what others are saying, and share your perspective here.