Wed 17 Jan 2018

Prosthetic thumb controled by servo

Thibaut Mesple Public Seen by 394

Considering some people with agenesis with partial palm, I would like to create a prosthetic with only a thumb to enable catch an object.
I would like to use a force sensor to use the palm force to controle the servo, and a micro arduino ( or ESP8266 ), a servo, and battery attached on a bracelet on the arm.
If it is successsfull, maybe try to use several sensor on the palm, depending of the hand hability to put pressure on different points on the persons palm
What do you think ?


Jon Schull Wed 28 Feb 2018

So sorry for the lack of feedback (this forum is typically used for developing and voting governance or funding proposals. Ideas like this will get more feedback in G+ or on Facebook) .

But I think this is a terrific idea! A smart thumb would enable one-handed grasping and eating as well as catching. (And I think starting with the thumb is exactly right. You might look at the Gripper Hand as a platform).


Chad Coarsey Thu 1 Mar 2018

Thibaut, I am working with a professor who is measuring this exact feedback using robotic arms and human interaction. Your idea is definitely in the same realm in terms of sensing. I would be happy to put anyone in touch with him, shoot me an e-mail if interested: chad [at] bionicglove [dot] org