opinion: citizen assemblies/ referendum

LM Lander Meeusen Public Seen by 24

I'm writing a piece to submit to the media. It's a bit too long, so we have to cut it a bit. It's in Dutch, but comments are welcome in other languages. If someone can translate to French, Dutch, English, ... be my guest.

Any suggestions? Who wants to co-sign?



Jelle Debusscher Tue 22 Dec 2020

Clearly written, could use some catchy subtitles to sum up long paragraphs. Very good work. Thank you Lander.


Lander Meeusen Wed 23 Dec 2020

Added a second version.


Lander Meeusen Mon 28 Dec 2020

Well, thanks for the input everybody. :) Apache wants to publish it, waiting for a few other offers.