Professional Development Workshop- LGBTIQ+ Family and Domestic Violence

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Hi folks

Yesterday, May 28th was the inaugural LGBTIQ+ Domestic Violence Awareness Day. To mark this occasion and help build awareness about this issue, we are offering a professional development opportunity via our online workshop.

​​​​​​​Inviting Family and Domestic Violence Practitioners, GP's and Medical Practitioners, Community Service Providers, Mental Health Workers, Advocates, Suicide​​​​​​​ Prevention Providers and the wider community to join Connection And Wellbeing Australia in a workshop that will explore the experiences of LGBTIQ+ Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and how we can better respond to the needs of LGBTIQ+ people in our services.

Discussion will cover:

- How FDV and IPV presents in LGBTIQ+ communities

- Specific contributors to LGBTIQ+ FDV and IPV

- Unique challenges faced by LGBTIQ+ people experiencing FDV and IPV

- How to work inclusively with LGBTIQ+ people experiencing FDV and IPV

​​​​- Referring to and working with LGBTIQ+ groups to provide access to supports

Tickets are $80.00*

Purchase your ticket and register: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/15/m25qnc5

Places limited!

*****If you are from an LGBTIQ+ community support group, please contact bella@connectionandwellbeing.com.au and we can offer a reduced rate for tickets.