June 3rd, 2017 20:51

What big machines/tools do we want in the space?

Jorån Kikke
Jorån Kikke Public Seen by 371

Right now the space is really empty, but I think it'd be good to start an open discussion about what big tools people would like to be there.

Someone recently expressed interest in setting up their 2m CNC machine, which is both very exciting and very worthy of discussion!


kitkate June 3rd, 2017 23:01

Easels? I think we should ask everyone who comes in what activities they would want to do. Base acquisition decisions off of interest


kitkate June 3rd, 2017 23:02

We could have an idea jar or board

Jorån Kikke

Jorån Kikke June 4th, 2017 00:04

Yeah like this a lot!

Jorån Kikke

Jorån Kikke June 5th, 2017 05:13

Possible big CNC Machine update:
A member is interested in parking their large 2.5m CNC machine at the space and opening it up to be used by everyone

It's quite an expensive bit of kit, so they'd like to be in charge of making sure people know how to use it (running the training) and would like to use it for their own commercial open source stuff for around ~6 hours per week, all other times it can be used by members

CNCs can be quite noisey and make dust, so we might have to build some soundproofing.
Also the machine is quite dangerous and moves around, so has to be difficult for people to accidentally lean on etc


jolyon June 22nd, 2017 22:24

Table saw
Drop saw
Drill press
CNC filament winder
Large workbenches
Surface grinder
5 axis mill turn

We're getting there already!


Mr CK June 23rd, 2017 23:09

Bandsaw, Arc welder/Tig welder/mig welder, Oxyacetylene set.
Anvil [loud] mounted correctly [ not so loud]
Drill press. Sheet metal folder, [small one] bar bender,

ooooohhhhh I could go on and on. That'll do for today.


Mr CK June 23rd, 2017 23:47

This list below, not exactly a list of Big Things We Want but...... Tenously related
So we have:
Lathe [on loan]
Mill [on loan]
Mig Welder [ in need of gas bottle and possibly regulator unless we use gas-less wire] [on loan]
CNC Router [on loan]
Bench grinder [out of service, currently under repair by C.K.]
Solder fume extractor [on loan]
Soldering equipment [on loan]
Art supplies and easels [on loan]
Sofas and chairs and fridge
Coffee maker [on loan]
Single phase Drill [on loan]
A multitude of Hand tools [on loan]
Measuring equipment Vernier calipers, feeler and thread-pitch gauges [on loan]
Several extension leads and power multi boards [on loan] we need more.
A collection of oils, greases, sticky things [tapes] glue, heat shrink [on loan or donated]
A vice [on loan] we need more, fixed large 6 or 8 inch and smaller 2 inch and 4 inch.
Safety safety safety:
Need a decent first aid kit, [this can be contributed / contructed rather than bought new as off the shelf kits are horribly expensive and full of things that are not so appropriate.
Need lots of clean or new earmuffs, dust masks, new or at least non scratched eye protection
A selection of loaner steel cap shoes or boots might be an idea for those with none, but who want to try out stuff.
Need moveable screens to protect passersby against welding flash and or grinding particles and swarf from lathe and mill and other scary inconsiderate machines.
[easily made from recycled castors from dead office chairs and scrap ply etc.]

Need a couple of Hacksaws and blades.
Need a couple of battery drills with non stuffed batteries.
Need a couple of jigsaws.
need an Angle Grinder.
Need some wood chisels.
Need some dropsheets.
Need lots of plywood to make shadowboards.
Need lots of hinges for swively projects such as shadowboards.
Need a work shop vaccum cleaner that is bagless to clean up [among other things] wet swarf etc from metal working equipment. [DO NOT USE AN AIR GUN]
Need Lots of shiny new screwdrivers. and a selection of files. [Donated files often tend to old and toothles like me]

Need some form of wall for Mr. CNC
[either flexible material or rigid panels of some type]
Need lots of $$$$$$$$ for dust/fume extraction gear.

Need voltaren emulgel for my wrists after all this typing, lol.