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FRINGE: Misunderstood the Musical

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Hi there!
We're a professional acting company from Nelson bringing a family show to Wellington for the Fringe but we've yet to find a venue! The Fringe staff suggested we contact you to see if you had any weekend dates free during that time. We'd prefer to come over a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday but are flexible. We need very little set up time, no amplification unless the space is large, and very basic lighting.

Our show is called Misunderstood the Musical and is a "pick a path" original musical about fairy tale villains who might just be "misunderstood". It is a show for kids and adults alike and is completely scripted but performed by 3 professional improvisers and musicians: myself, Daniel Allan and Isaac Thomas. The show has been really well received in Nelson. We love it so much. I can send you press coverage if you require it.

Please let me know soon if you can fit us in. The show is approx 45 minutes long so f there's another show performing late evening, we would be happy to share the space with them and perform a show at 4 pm and one at 630 pm each day or any time that suits you.

The show has previously been performed as a part of Body in Space Theatre Company but as the company is coming to a close this year, we will be performing Misunderstood under the name of our new touring company, Raven Horse Productions.

We hope to hear from you soon!!

Very Kind Regards
Laura Irish

Then after more emails:

Would it be possible to do February 12 at 5pm and 7 pm, February 13 at 2 pm and 7 pm, and February 14 at 5 pm and 7 pm?

I see that on the saturday there's a meeting there from 430-630. As long as we could store our stuff somewhere after the afternoon performance and just put it back at 630, we should be good. Would that work? Or is there an alternative you could suggest?


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Feb 12, 5pm & 7pm
Feb 13 2pm & 7pm
Feb 14 5pm & 7pm

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They've decided to just do 2pm on the Saturday, so the Saturday evening is free