January 19th, 2019 10:24

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Brian Prangle
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First of a series from Connected Local Government TV

Brian Prangle

Brian Prangle January 19th, 2019 10:31

Full video here

Short video on inkedIn

CLGdotTV is a webTV Channel producing and broadcasting programmes about, for and by anyone involved in the provision of local public services. The founders set up CLGdotTV because "we feel that those who deliver local public services need, deserve and want a dedicated webTV Channel".

CLGdotTV launched in February 2018 with a single weekly webTV programme made in central London. They produce seven or eight programmes a week, around 50% of programmes are made outside London and get more than 12,000 viewers each month.

If anyone has a compelling public service use case they'd like to talk about on TV then let us know here