"Explore Group" and "Privacy Setting" does not seem to work in my loomio-deploy

Giuseppe Public Seen by 123

Hello everybody.

I am Giuseppe and I just did get my own loomio-deploy server to work.

Great job! A big thanks for all developers and contributors!
I am very willing to support this project as far as I can do with my skills.

So I can reach the server, ...
I get to the web interface, ...
I can create accounts, ...
emails seems to be sent, ...
I can create groups and make discussions ....

.. but there is one thing what does not seem to work:
It its the "Explore Group" Feature in the Side Pin. When executing, the search result remain empty, even if I have open groups.

Do you know this problem or can someone give me a hint to help me out?

Best regards,



Rob Guthrie Sat 4 Apr 2020

Hi, congrats on getting your server setup.

We have dumb default values on our explore page and I'm fixing that now. I'll let you know when the docker images have updated with the new code, later today.


Giuseppe Sun 5 Apr 2020

Great! Thanks :)


Giuseppe Wed 8 Apr 2020

Hey! I made a pull and it seesm to work now. @Rob Guthrie, you made the change? Thanks man! :)


Rob Guthrie Wed 8 Apr 2020

Yes, I did! Thanks for following up!