Fri 26 Jan 2018

Moderation of the preprints themselves

Victor Venema Public Seen by 353

We are in a long discussion about the moderation of comments, but I could not find any information on how we moderate our preprints themselves. Is there a procedure there, what are our criteria, who is responsible?


Christopher Jackson Fri 26 Jan 2018

At the moment, I perform the moderation, although this needs broadening and more structure. Having attended half the meeting in NYC today via video (with @tomnarock1 in physical attendance), I see there's a range of ways of moderating.


Victor Venema Fri 26 Jan 2018

It would probably be good if the moderators are domain experts.

At ArXiv there is apparently occasionally some power abuse. So maybe a four eye principle would be good. Or even more in case of rejections.

What are your criteria? Do you only look whether the topic fits or also try to ascertain that the manuscript is somewhat serious and not libellous?


Christopher Jackson Sat 27 Jan 2018

Hi Victor, I agree with all this. Like I said, the moderation option was only switched on just before Christmas. At the moment, my moderation is very light-touch, focused on assessing the manuscript for appropriateness. There’s obviously room to improve this, taking into account what Tom and I discovered at the preprint services meeting on Friday. Chris