July 30th, 2018 09:28

St Albans unlocked

Brian Prangle
Brian Prangle Public Seen by 303

Anyone active in the St Albans/Herts area? I've been put in touch with the project 'St Albans Unlocked' which is about building 3D audio soundscapes for people with visual impairments.

It aims to build on an existing partnership between Microsoft and Guide Dogs and an existing iOS app Soundscape. The app provides 3D spatial audio through a headset, which provides a sense of what is around to the person to stimulate an experience of exploration and discovery. The experience relies on crowd-sourced information available on Open Street Map.

St Albans Unlocked is a community-led project that aims to localise the Soundscape experience in 3 steps – plan, curate and launch – to develop a great experience in St Albans. The app has been developed for visually impaired but the potential is for other uses such as for learning disabled, for early stages of dementia but also for general purposes such as tourism

They are at early stages and currently don't know what they might need from us but seem keen to open initial discussions

Cross-posted to talk gb so apologies for any dulication

Adam Hoyle (Director)

Adam Hoyle (Director) October 10th, 2018 20:15

As I’m not too far from St Albans, I took the baton on this.

I had a really enjoyable morning at the recently renovated St Albans Museum meeting with organisers Amanda & Linda, Tommy from Guide Dogs for the Blind and representatives from local businesses and the local community.

I presented an overview around editing OpenStreetMap, going through the data structure (including notes), editors and showing a number of useful tools. We then had a roundtable discussion on how to best update the map around St Albans and how to arrange mapathons and engage with the local community. There was a lot of enthusiasm and it was really awesome to see a new local community emerge and I can’t wait to see how they improve the map.

Here is the presentation that I put together on Google Slides (based heavily on guidance from Brian) - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1A5py18SwzQrpVWCVXK9woIf64V2VeU6sQKtNwaJXXh0/edit#slide=id.g435fbb755e_0_677

RobJN (Director)

RobJN (Director) October 10th, 2018 21:12

Thanks Adam. Glad it went well and I like the slides :-)

Gregory Marler (former Director)

Gregory Marler (former Director) October 11th, 2018 11:58

Good slides and would be useful for others. Most of us know the answers to the titles, but the prompts are important and the images help illustrate what we would say.