10: Generate new patterns together

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David Baldwin Tue 1 May 2018

p. 51, 52: A> In a thriving team: change; retrospectives: > “ -- a couple of stray markup characters.

I'm going to assume that the 80% done means there will be a return to the latter portion of this chapter for more development. Because it gets a little impressionistic toward the end. Like, "Now think about who initiated that." Seems to me we want to know what to do now that we are thinking about who initiated a given change.
By way of reinforcing the validity and value of this Retrospective pattern: almost fifteen years ago I took a facilitation training from Interaction Associates in Boston, and they explicitly employed this technique, using the name "Plus/Delta"--i.e., what went well, and what needed work. Deliberate evaluation of this type is surprisingly powerful, and probably too rare. I just hear Kali Akuno speak about developing Cooperation Jackson. He made it very clear that they make mistakes right and left. But you got the sense that they expected this, and were deliberate about assessing and incorporating missteps so they could keep getting stronger.
My experience of conventional corporate culture (and I have a little) is that this is hard unless it is, as you suggest, built in and experienced in small but regular doses.
I am also an enormous fan of outside or just elected facilitators. But I am often alone in my enthusiasm.
p 55: okay, I can't leave well enough alone: "“the rubber hits the road”" -- the actual expression was "where the rubber meets the road". To hit the road is to take off, depart, as in "Hit The Road, Jack".