Wed 14 Nov 2018

11/14/18: Any DISRUPTIVE, money-saving apps at RealogyFWD's Innovation Summit?

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2nd of three housing & real estate related LIVESTREAMs today: AARP's is being recorded, and will be able on demand via YouTube. Not sure about Realogy's Livestream via Facebook but will try to alternate between the two events today:


#RE2020's goal is to tune into DISRUPTIVE money-saving #RETech, real estate innovations that will help deliver billions in consumer savings. In contrast, Realogy's goal is to "build, purchase or partner" with SUSTAINING RETech as their customer is their agents, not consumers seeking to reduce transaction costs.

Ten finalists beginning demos now!

PS. See real-time map of Realogy closings, nationwide through all of their brands. Together they account for one in four closings. With that market share, no wonder they turn a blind eye to conflicts of interest and thwart price competition.


Bill Wendel Wed 14 Nov 2018

RESTARTING: #RealogyFWD will break for lunch until approximately 12:30 p.m. Join us live on the Realogy Facebook page for a livestream of the afternoon session, featuring @iovox, @realkeyinc, @ShyftMoving, @SisuHQ and @TourZazz ... and of course, the announcement of the winner.


Look forward to presentation by RealKey, and hearing who others in RE2020 community are excited about and why


Bill Wendel Wed 14 Nov 2018

Finalists announced, what to cast your vote for Audience Favorite?

Congratulations to the three finalists for the 2018 #RealogyFWD Innovation Summit: @homebotapp, @disclosures_io, and @ShyftMoving. Voting now taking place to name the winner!



Bill Wendel Wed 14 Nov 2018

Final votes: @RealogyFWD Innovation Summit 2018
1st place: @homebotapp
2nd place: @Shyft
3rd place: @disclosures_io