Mon 28 Sep 2015

Welcome To Scoop Foundation Members And Contributors - START HERE

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The month of September has been momentous for Scoop.co.nz. In the past four weeks we have established a new kind of news organisation, one owned charitably for the benefit of the people of New Zealand, accountable to the people of New Zealand (via you- its members and contributors) and dedicated to the supporting quality public interest journalism.

To Recap:
>- On September 1st the Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism came into being.
>- On September 8th the Scoop Foundation Trust Board was incorporated.
>- On September 10th we launched our "Take Back The News" campaign and revealed the detailed structure of the new Scoop.
>- On 16th September -Day One- the Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism becamce the legal owner of the Scoop.co.nz publishing company and all its assets.

In the 18 days since we launched #TakeBackTheNews some 80 new people have become members and/or volunteered to help out the brand new Scoop Foundation as Contributors. And altogether there are now more than 300 members of the Scoop Foundation.

In coming days we will begin posting opportunities to engage with the new Scoop Foundation Team as we start to bring the Scoop Foundation village together.

In the thread below please post ideas, questions and thoughts about this new project that we are embarking on together. We will attempt to answer you promptly but please bear with us as we have a massive work programme underway to get this show on the road.

Speaking of which, we are looking for some assistance right now with this.
In particular we are looking for Contributors or Members who would be keen to be:

>- Community Managers (to help us manage the newly forming Scoop Foundation community here in Loomio)
>- Designers, cartoonists, artists (to create materials to help promote the Foundation)
>- Social media mavens (to spread the message of #TakeBackTheNews and #NewScoop far and wide.

  • Alastair Thompson for the Scoop Foundation team.

alastair thompson Mon 28 Sep 2015

Instructions for Loomio Newbies....

  • You can login using Google+, Facebook or Twitter authentication - or by creating an account.
  • Loomio sends email alerts about threads you participate in by default and you can respond simply by replying to the email in your email client. Your email response will then be added to the community thread.
  • You can mute emails whenever you want.
  • We recommend you use the "new Loomio!" (see the * in the header to do so).
  • Where Loomio comes into its own is when there is a decision to be made. Decisions are presented as proposals and you can then approve, disapprove, abstain or block as per your views on the decision.