Sun 7 Apr 2019

Storage for camp

xavier dubruille Public Seen by 185

Question to all camp lead : how do you sort of the storage of all your material after event?
I m struggling to answer this question myself and i was wondering if we can join force together to find a place near the site for the structure and co rent it. Loomio is on the verge to be central to the organisation but i m trying my luck asking here anyway.


Charlotte Davis Sun 7 Apr 2019

At the moment, Mojo relies on splitting up the parts of our camp and members storing it individually. However, if there’s a communal storage being investigated, I’m sure we’d love to join in (dependant on cost and discussing with everyone else!).


Baillie Sun 7 Apr 2019

So there are individual things like storage lockers which some camps have/lockups around London etc. You’d have to individual have those camps come forward to see what size they are. Some camps keep in their houses and divide between members etc.

There is also a storage locker on site for core stuff but some things were kept from camps last year as I think there was just some spare space. As far as I’m aware that’s fairly full, but I’m not sure if there is a possibility to have other camps get another container/pay storage. It is very close to site and owned by the same owner but I’ve no idea of coatings for these things.


Lexy Sun 7 Apr 2019

A second storage container as a shared space for camps sounds like a great plan if that can be worked out financially etc! There is an initial high cost to buy the storage container though.
Alternatively there are also rented storage container options nearby to the Nest site too, which would be cheaper as a shared solution than multiple small storage units in London.
However some camps may want access to their stuff for other events during the year too, so depends on if enough demand to keep stuff down in Devon I expect.


Lexy Sun 7 Apr 2019

@jason49 was involved in buying the storage container and arranging last year I believe and may be able to share more info on costs and logistics etc.


xavier dubruille Sun 7 Apr 2019

by y own knowledge , there is a possibility to get another container next to the one and i don t personnally want to fill up the core container (because to be honest, a lot of stuff i plan to use is already there i just don t want to be there again after :s) but i m not sure about the cost


Mands Connolly Wed 24 Apr 2019

There is a load of storage solutions around Exeter like Big Yellow, MG Storage use shipping containers, that should cover a few camps!