Tue 14 Apr 2020

#Covid_ImpactRE: Town Hall with NAR Economist SOLD OUT, tracking data on impact or creating own?

Bill Wendel Public Seen by 25

Sixteen hours after posting on Twitter, MAR's 2nd virtual Town Hall meeting is already at capacity -- 1,000 participants.


Clearly there's a demand for the latest news on how the housing market is being impacted locally, nationally, and internationally by the pandemic.

1. What sources are you monitoring for the latest news on the impact in real estate?

2. Have you found stories or analysis with real data that's worth sharing, or puff pieces that are designed to minimize the potential impact?

3. Are you, your office or brokerage producing your own stats and distributing to the public? If so, can you use #Covid_ImpactRE to share via Twitter, LinkedIn, other social media?

4. What else would be worth exploring, sharing, or even collaborating on to help our client make informed decisions, and for our peers to offer the highest level of fiduciary services during a time of unprecedented risk?