Tue 2 May 2017

Co-Tech summer camp 21/22/23 July

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OK - well I think it's an interesting form of democracy where 4 people get lumbered because 12 people abstain and 71 people can't be arsed to comment. But hey, as we know we live in very interesting times - electorally speaking :wink: Anyway - this is all very cool. Could Eduardo, Marc and Simon please get in touch with me so that we can get things started. Guys please mail me at andrew@gildedsplinters.coop. In the meantime could everybody else start thinking about whether they really do want to come - without wishing to pre-judge things, I'm guessing that we're looking at a weekend in August. Location TBD - but somewhere we can pitch tents! Cheers AC

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Andrew Croft Tue 2 May 2017

Eduardo, Simon, Marc - you can also call/text me on 07793 650013. Cheers AC


Simon Grant Tue 2 May 2017

Thanks, Andrew -- likewise I am at asimong on gmail and also 07710031657 - do you do Hangouts or WhatsApp, too? (sigh, the dominators again) ;)



Andrew Croft Tue 2 May 2017

Hi Simon,

Sorry don't do Whatapp - no real prejudice but just can't be arsed. I could sign up though if we think it's useful.

I suggest that once the other two guys get in the loop that we do a Skype call and get a few things tied down and agreed - quickly, as the summer aint far away.

I do have the outline of a plan to suggest, but let's get the others hooked up and then see if it's worth progressing.

Great to get in touch with you.




Roy Brooks Tue 9 May 2017

Hi All.

Now that the CoTech Community site is live, do we move discussion/organisation there or keep this thread going?


I'd suggest using Loomio for decisions and have everything else at community.coops.tech, see also the meeting notes from a couple of days ago -- start a "CoTech Camp 2017" thread :-)


Simon Grant Wed 10 May 2017

Sorry I haven't moved forward on this -- too many other things temporarily standing in the way. But for a small group where we may want to make decisions, why not stick on Loomio? I don't see it as workable to be jumping to and fro. But open to suggestions.


Roy Brooks Wed 10 May 2017

If the plot's now to use Loomio for what it's designed for - tackle specific topics that require a vote to resolve - then I'd say move the camp discussion / housekeeping to Discourse. Then, if there is something that needs a vote (I suspect not a lot in likely in the case of the camp), it can always be posted here.


Andrew Croft Wed 10 May 2017

Hello Everybody. I'm just duplicating a message on 'Discourse' for those who haven't signed up to that forum yet.

In my position as part of the elected "fearless leadership", I have already started to make some arrangements for the Summer Camp. I have made a provisional 'booking' on the site near me and made some tentative arrangements regarding portaloo and portashower bloc. I have also made a provisional enquiry regarding 'luxury' accommodation for people who might not want to sleep under canvass. I am looking at two potential weekends towards the end of the summer a) 25/8, 26/8, 27/8 b) 1/9, 2/9, 3/9. The first (august) weekend may be a non starter as that is a bank holiday weekend and Co-Technologists may not be up for that. The site itself is free but there will be costs for the washing and toilet facilities. But these costs along with those for catering (food and fire) will likely be the only budget considerations for the campers. The luxury accommodation would cost £202 per person for 10 people (3 nights). 10 is the max number for the luxury accommodation and if fewer people wanted to take that option the cost per head would increase.

The site itself is beautiful with numerous wooded locations for meetings, workshops, etc. There is also a large barn available for us to meet/work if the weather is appalling.

There should be ample parking, secure bike storage and transport to and from the local rail stations. There are a few relatively handy pubs within a short drive and one pub even in walking distance.

The proposed 'site' is on the Isle of Oxney near Rye, Sussex (although the site is actually in Kent). Rye and Tenterden are the nearest sizable towns and there are good transport links via the London St Pancras/Ashford high-speed rail link.

Obviously I need to discuss this plan with my fellow organisers @marcd @eduardo @simongrant. I didn't know that @mattparsons was involved as I didn't see him on the original Loomio discussion and vote.

Could @marcd @eduardo @simongrant @mattparsons get in touch with me pretty urgently as if we went this route we would need to tie down arrangements quickly. Summer is approaching fast. My details are andrew@gildedsplinters.coop 07793 650013




Andrew Croft Fri 12 May 2017

Hi @marcd

Are you still up for getting involved/helping organise the Co-Tech summer camp? If so - please get in touch andrew@gildedsplinters.coop 07793 650013



Andrew Croft Wed 31 May 2017

Dear Co-tecchers. We now have a firm venue and date for the CO-TECH summer camp. WHICH IS DEFINITELY HAPPENING!!!

The camp will take place 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th July at Wittersham on the Isle of Oxney in Kent (post code TN30 7EL) . 6 people have confirmed their ability to attend the camp and together with us organisers we are currently looking at 10 to 12 attendees.

Now that doesn't mean that people who originally didn't think they could make it can't change their mind and now come. Please - if you like the sound of what we're planning, please let us know and come along!

A brief outline of what's taking shape:-

Camping in the beautiful Kent countryside with a stunning view across the valley towards Paul McCartney's Sussex pad, next to a protected wood which will provides numerous clearings and glades for meetings, discussions and other 'seances'.

The event will start on the Friday (21/7), with working sessions and activities on the Saturday (22/7) and Sunday (23/7). Attendees will have the option to either depart on Sunday or stay a third night under canvass and leave on the Monday (24/7).

The event will be part catered with a 'BBQ' on the first night (Friday 21st July) and a big curry on the Saturday night. Other meals (breakfast and lunch) will be self catered although some staples (milk, bread, salad) will be provided and I expect some eggs, sausages and bacon will be cooked up for breakfast for them's that want them. There will be some food provided on the Sunday for those that want to hang on for the last night.

It's expected that attendees will bring their own tent and camping equipment. For people who are keen to come but don't have a tent, there may be an opportunity of a loan. Please get in touch and I'm sure that we can sort something out.

For anybody who would like to attend but really doesn't want to rough it, there are numerous BnBs and Air BnBs within the vicinity. But we will need to move fast on these as they will book up as the summer approaches.

Toilet facilities will be provided.

Transport - given the current envisaged level of attendance, there will be ample car parking available. There is also secure bike storage. Train links are easy and frequent with the high speed service from London St Pancras to Ashford Kent, and then a connection to the local station which is Appledore. A shuttle car pick up service will operate between the camp, Ashford and Appledore and with a bit of careful and patient planning transport to and from the site will be very easy.

Tech - we will rig up a power 'charging station' for devices. 3g and 4g coverage is available but ain't perfect and we are looking in to somehow getting wireless broadband to the site or nearby.

The event is being organised by myself Andy Croft, Eduardo Silva and Marc De'ath - with some further help from some assorted Gildedsplinters.

Now for the important bit. The content and aims of the event. This is very much to be decided - not because the organisers are a bunch of lazy gits but because we believe the group, Co-Tech, as a whole should determine what the event should achieve and set the agenda and objectives for the programme. We will be asking the group through Loomio, etc for input as to what the event should be expected to achieve. And so even if you can't or don't want to come, please get involved and help us make this gathering as constructive and productive as possible.

We envisage workshops and discussion groups taking place - and there will be a barn and larger shelters available if the weather is awful, so as to ensure that work (and play) can go ahead uninterrupted by bad weather.

The idea is that this is a LOW COST alternative for those who can't attend the Wortley Hall event. The aim is that this camp is complementary to Wortley Hall and part of the same process of making Co-Tech as effective as possible.

We cannot put a firm cost on the event at the moment because we need a better handle on final number of attendees. But we do know that cost of the site is GRATIS, the cost of the chemi kazi will be £80 and the rest is food (and booze). We envisage (have set ourselves the target) that the whole event will cost no more than £75 per person (before booze).

I hope that the above gives you a feel for what's going to happen and that it whets your appetite. We will be in touch with more details and to ask for input to the event's agenda , content and aims.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reply to this post or contact me Andy Croft andrew@gildedsplinters.coop 07793 650013.

I hope to hear from you all very soon.


Simon Grant Mon 5 Jun 2017

Many thanks Andrew for getting this arranged. My summer plans are far from fixed yet and I don't know if I will make it, but let's hope! Sorry I haven't been able to give more assistance.


Pete Burden Thu 1 Jun 2017

Just felt the need to say great work Andrew and gang. :smiley:


AndyrCroft Wed 19 Jul 2017

Hi Pete, sorry only just seen this comment of yours. Really appreciate it. Thank you.

I think that you're just in Brighton - not a million miles away. If you fancy just dropping in over the weekend (camping isn't compulsory) we'd love to see you.


Felix Lozano Fri 14 Jul 2017

Currently we're at 16 ish. A few more people are contemplating coming and so we might increase by 2 or 3 - and a few may drop out I guess and so I think 15/16 would seem to be the likely total.

Andy Croft - Gildedsplinters
Roy Brooks - Gildedsplinters
Felix Lozano - Wave
Eduardo Silva - Open Ecommerce
Manuela Rotstein - Open Ecommerce (arriving 22/7)
Mariano Marey - Open Ecommerce (?)
Louise Scott - Media co-op
Hannah Sindall - Gildedsplinters/Helionix Designs (eco architects)
Alistair Gould - Helionix Designs (eco architects)
Adam Sindall - Performer and teacher
Adam Regan - Gildedsplinters/Adam Regan Photography
Sion Whellens - Calverts
Jason Colyer - Headset (Gildedsplinters client)
Chris Smith - Leveret/Roofbox (Gildedsplinters client)
Jeff Suthons - Gildedsplinters/Wild Colonial Boys


Eduardo Silva Wed 19 Jul 2017

Mariano and Manuela won't make it this time but I will be there from Saturday morning.


AndyrCroft Wed 19 Jul 2017

Hi All,

Just thought I'd give you all a last shout about the summer camp.

We've assembled a highly co-operative and creative group - but there's always room for more (it's a big field).

If the fun packed schedule of your busy and hectic lives have changed and you suddenly find yourselves facing a weekend without plans, why not join us? We'd love to see you.

Directions attached.

We can help out with equipment, etc if that's the only barrier to you getting involved.

Perhaps more importantly, are there any issues around Co-Tech, it's development, etc that you think our group could provide input on?

Do you have any questions that you'd like to put to the group?

If so, please let me know.

I hope to hear from you, or even better - see you here in Kent this weekend.




Big thanks and merit to @andyrcroft for organising an extremely adjacent weekend down in Kent, and to other CoTechers who attended - @louisescott @felixwave @eduardosilva et al. Very good also to meet others from Gildedsplinters and their wider circle. Some useful I think discussions and perspectives on the development of CoTech, which will get written/tidied up and submitted in CoTech Community (probably also cross post here?)


Kayleigh Walsh Outlandish Mon 24 Jul 2017

Thanks Sion, looking forward to hearing more about what you discussed. Hope you didn't get too wet in the rainx


Outlander | http://outlandish.com ( http://outlandish.com/ ) | kayleigh@outlandish.com | 02075619968 | 07949241684

3rd Floor, 149 Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park, N4 3HF


It rained hard both nights, but the days and evenings were grand - just the occasional short cloudburst.


Felix Lozano Mon 24 Jul 2017


Love that pic @sionwhellens look forward to hearing all about it


Roy Brooks Mon 24 Jul 2017

& for flavour


Thanks for posting the photos, it looks like you had a great time, perhaps also cross post them to our wiki?


Felix Lozano Tue 25 Jul 2017

We are preparing some notes and happy to post to the Wiki, with a notification to Loomio. We hope this will be of interest and some discussions be stimulated from the ideas. Is Loomio is best for this?


I'd suggest using the wiki to document things, the discourse forum for discussions and Loomio for decisions making.


Felix Lozano Tue 25 Jul 2017

thank you, that is very clear and helpful.