January 30th, 2020 15:23

NEW - Online People's Assembly Facilitator Training -14 Feb

Joe Milton
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Online People's Assembly Facilitator Training With Caroline and Julian

Although we know in-person training and opportunities to practice are ideal, we hope that we can help you feel a bit more confident about facilitating or get another local group member trained up to do it with you.
Please forward this on to whoever in your region you feel would be interested.

We will be running these monthly along with regional in-person training, so please take whatever support you need.

Rosa Zubizarreta

Rosa Zubizarreta January 31st, 2020 22:14

Hi Joe! Is this 7 pm UK time? thanks for clarifying...

Rosa Zubizarreta

Rosa Zubizarreta January 31st, 2020 23:39

Hi Joe, another clarification... this is an online training, to do an in-person people's assembly, yes? Here in the U.S., in Massachusetts, some of us are designing create an online people's assembly. I'm sure that a lot from this online training will still be valuable, even if it is oriented toward an in-person assembly.

Also... we are planning to use a modified Empathy Circle approach, for the conversation within the small groups in the online People's Assembly. As in, having each person who wants to speak reflect back what the previous speaker said, before taking a turn. The intention is to support the "three pillars" of radical inclusivity, active listening, and trust. Your thoughts?

Phil Green

Phil Green February 1st, 2020 16:19

Hi Rosa, an "online people's assembly" sounds an exciting development. Is it intended to include consideration of climate emergency?

Joe Milton

Joe Milton February 1st, 2020 21:01


Joe Milton

Joe Milton February 1st, 2020 21:02

Hi Rosa, please note I've added a link for the event for people to register

Rosa Zubizarreta

Rosa Zubizarreta February 1st, 2020 21:05

Hi Phil, this particular assembly is being called for some internal work... XR Massachusetts wants to give some feedback to XR National on a few different restructuring proposals that have been floating about. So it won't be a decision-making assembly, but an input-gathering assembly.

Lawrence Morgan

Lawrence Morgan February 2nd, 2020 19:15


Lawrence Morgan

Lawrence Morgan February 2nd, 2020 19:16

UK Extinction Rebellion Principles and Values

Edwin Rutsch

Edwin Rutsch February 3rd, 2020 16:57

I was looking forward to attending but could not make it.
Was the call recorded? would love to see it.

Also, why were there two steps to signing up? ie the eventbrite sign up? was it to restrict attendance?

for easy access, just adding the zoom url to the Facebook event or here makes it easy to take part.. I know someone else that didn't know they had to sign up on Eventbrite and was not able to go because they couldn't find the zoom room.


Julian February 3rd, 2020 19:30

Hi Edwin

Great to hear your interest and enthusiam!

We intentionally made it through eventbrite to give people the pre-work and collect email addresses. We want everyone on the call to have read the People's Assembly script and we provide a link in the follow-up email from eventbrite. We give the zoom details in the same email. So we are not looking for last minute sign ups.

We have decided not to circulate the audio as it doesnt include the exercises in break-out rooms which are a key part of the process.

The next zoom is coming shortly and the facebook eventbrite link will get posted shortly

Take care!


Julian February 4th, 2020 09:13

@Edwin Rutsch Oh! and we recommend Empathy circles as follow-up. In the limited time we have in our 3 hour session we only teach "listening" whereas my understanding is that you teach "reflective listening". Overtime, we need to offer lots of different modules with different facilitator skills into the XR community

Edwin Rutsch

Edwin Rutsch February 4th, 2020 16:06

Julian , good to hear.. .we practice empathic listening ie active listening. this helps with becoming a better listener in general. It is also for developing a more empathic way of being, or a 'culture of empathy'. so it's both skills and a mindset. We are working to train people in being facilitators as well.

I'd like to set up Empathic Peoples Assemblies.. Empathic listening would be used in the breakout groups of the Peoples Assembly. This would support deeper listening and give all the participant a feeling of being heard to their satisfaction. Perhaps we could chat about that some time?

I look forward to taking part in your next workshop!


Julian February 4th, 2020 16:40

Hi Edwin

That’s a great idea!

The PA circle can’t take this on at the moment though. We are thoroughly focused on getting our basic training out to all the regions and training up regional trainers of PA Facilitators. We want the basic level of PA facilitator in every region and local group. After that we can roll-out something more advanced!

Also, I think you are based in the USA, aren’t you? Our preference is for face-to-face trainings as PA’s are best face-to-face. We do an online training as a shortened substitute as needs must.

Hopefully some of our PA facilitators will do your online classes!

All the Best


Joe Milton

Joe Milton February 7th, 2020 22:08

NEW zoom training event scheduled for 14th Feb