Sun 5 Feb 2017

Public vs Limited

Holger Public Seen by 501


I noticed that most - almost all new user on diaspora.zone are posting their first post limited instead of public.

That's terrible because they didn't get an answer and will disappear.

Is there a way to change the default setting?



tursiops33 Sun 5 Feb 2017

Hi! One of the first things I've done with my diaspora account was to set the default to be public instead of limited, I've also been tricked myself, and I think It would make sense to make public the default when creating a new user.


Waithamai Sun 5 Feb 2017

It's a bug! \o/
The very first, pre-written (#newhere-)post should always be public. After this first post, the default aspect is set to "all aspects".


Waithamai Mon 6 Feb 2017


Holger Mon 6 Feb 2017

That's great. diaspora.zone is not one of the biggest pods but one or two new user a day are misdoing to post limited.


Deus Figendi Mon 6 Feb 2017

I would say it's fine how it is. I didn't know about the bug Waithamai is describing but usually it should be this way:

  • Your very first posting using the “getting started” hints should be public by default so you can easy find new contacts
  • Every further post is "all aspects" for privacy reasons. You cannot change it after you posted, you cannot "pull it back" after you spreaded maybe private information to the world. But you can repost something to the public you accidentally posted limited. This is a good default.
  • You can change your default-aspect in the settings. For twitterstyle usage you choose "public" and if you are always posting very private you might choose an empty aspect.

So I tend to say… this is good how it is, maybe it would be okay make this as a podwide setting (if it isn't) because… there are pods that act twitterlike and there are very private pods (so maybe "family" would be a good default). And there are "general purpose"-Pods (like diasp.org or the like) where every kind of account can be found, for these it's good as it is I'd say.


Waithamai Mon 6 Feb 2017

Yes, Deus, but the "Your very first posting using the “getting started” hints should be public by default so you can easy find new contacts" part is currently broken. So there's a fix for that an it'll work fine again some time soon ;)