October 24th, 2018 00:50

Neighbouring Workshops becoming available next week

Jorån Kikke
Jorån Kikke Public Seen by 175

The workshop uphill of Hackland is becoming available and the entire building downhill is also becoming available.

Uphill sounds like they're keen for us to take on the space and create more space for some makers-who-use-more-space-for-their-making

this could mean some exciting things:
- bigger commercial jobs could run on the CNC
- much better separation of dust and not-dust
- woodworking can still happen even if people are gathering for something
- we can all make bigger things


baptiste October 24th, 2018 02:29

Wow. Is my comment.

Jan Huwald

Jan Huwald October 29th, 2018 06:31

Getting more space would obviously be amazing. But if I recall the budget correctly, this expansion is beyond it. Is anybody tracking down the commercial would-be users of the future space? Or feels like up-fronting it?

Jorån Kikke

Jorån Kikke October 29th, 2018 06:55

yeah depending on how much it is, we could have 3-4 'workshop residencies' for things like the Pallet Kingdom and the CNC to do their thing