Tue 28 Jul 2020

馃摨 Microsolidarity Noticeboard

RDB Richard D. Bartlett Public Seen by 123

Please use this space to share any events, opportunities, invitations etc that maybe interesting to other people interested in microsolidarity.

I'll start: my friends at Life Itself (formerly known as 'Art / Earth / Tech') are inviting collaborators to join them for a month of DIY construction to build out in their new community hub in Bergerac in the south of France. August 3-30th: details here.


Richard D. Bartlett Tue 28 Jul 2020

Also: we're hosting the fifth "Microsolidarity Practice Program" from Sept 28th - Oct 8th. It's an opportunity to meet other people interested in microsolidarity and to experience some facilitated group processes and relational methods for community building. More info here.


Richard D. Bartlett Wed 29 Jul 2020

Also this! First few days of September, Stir To Action festival. I went last year and loved it. Daytime is workshops about economic democracy, coops, lefty politics, etc. Night time is hanging out with craft beers and little parties. This year they are moving it online, so the vibe will be a bit different but the people and topics are great.


Viola Petrella Thu 30 Jul 2020

Looks great! I got myself a ticket :) thanks Rich!


Danyl Strype Thu 30 Jul 2020

Just to clarify @Richard D. Bartlett , is this only for in-person events? Or is it also for online events, including those that have been forced online by the pandemic.


Richard D. Bartlett Thu 30 Jul 2020

I'm open, I was thinking of a noticeboard like 'a place to put links & opportunities that could be interesting', as opposed to 'a place to have deep discussions'.


Viola Petrella Fri 31 Jul 2020

Is anyone here taking part in DRS2020? I will be presenting a paper on mutuality and reciprocity in design and social innovation which I'm happy to share after the 10th of August. And I think I saw @Niki Wallace there too in the list of paper presenters, is that possible? http://drs2020.org/


Niki Wallace Fri 31 Jul 2020

Hey Viola yes that鈥檚 me! I鈥檓 presenting a paper about reflective doodling as a critical reflective practice for designers working with complex or wicked problems.

I鈥檒l check the schedule and be sure to come to your talk and am keen to read your paper too :)


Danyl Strype Wed 5 Aug 2020

Future for All are inviting online participation in their 2020 congress, from 25-30 August: https://www.zukunftfueralle.jetzt/en/congress/


Drew Hornbein Fri 4 Sep 2020

Symbiosis, a duel power federation group in the Americas is hosting a series on Duel Power, the 1st two are available to watch online and you can sign up for the other classes: https://www.symbiosis-revolution.org/dual-power-series-recordings/


Josh Fairhead Sun 20 Sep 2020

A few of us have self-organised and unconference for Equinox if anyone wants to join? This is our first attempt at such a gathering but so far it seems to be shaping up nicely. Come gather by the fire Tuesday 22nd from 3pm CET: https://unconference.hackalong.io/