Thu 7 Mar 2019

#NCPW2019: Class action law suit filed against residential real estate giants

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#RE2020: Class action lawsuit filed against giants in Real Estate industry. Although not party to it, #RealEstateCafe’s mission & BILLIONS in consumer savings are at the heart of suit!

Let’s create ripple effect during National Consumer Protection Week #NCPW2019


Eager to include this in educational programming, want to record a sound bite for a podcast?


Bill Wendel Thu 7 Mar 2019

Key excerpts from my perspective as a fee-for-service buyer agent:



Bill Wendel Thu 7 Mar 2019

See thread on LinkedIn generated by class action lawsuit filed yesterday against giants in the residential brokerage industry:



Bill Wendel Thu 7 Mar 2019

Invite thoughtful discussion of this case here on #RE2020's OPEN collaboration platform or in one of the Real Estate Cafe's PRIVATE virtual roundtables. Email realestatecafe@gmail.com if interested in the latter.


Bill Wendel Fri 8 Mar 2019

The word consumer only appears twice in this story: http://bit.ly/BewareREClassAction


Lindy Chapman Thu 14 Mar 2019

Bill, I'm one of just a few people worldwide chosen by Linkedin to test their new #LinkedinLive platform. Although I'm a Realtor, I was the relocation client a dozen times so very much take the side of the consumer and understand firsthand their frustration. So hope to use this opportunity to highlight thought leaders in the industry. Would you or anyone hear be interested in creating a panel to discuss changes and challenges in the industry I could moderate on Linkedin?


Bill Wendel Thu 14 Mar 2019


Thanks for your offer and glad to collaborate. From my perspective the 2+ week window between Pi Day & April Fool’s Day is an annual call for real estate consumer education. Developed 20 content areas with lists of potential topics during 1Q2016 to seed the OPEN working groups here on #RE2020.

Focusing today on using Pi Day to talk about the commission pie in real estate and how DIY / DSIY — Do SOME of It Yourself — homebuyers and sellers can save their slice.


PS. Saw your livestream from RELO event, and you’re a natural. Want to post link?