Tue 2 Apr 2019

Where are we on the National Co-operative Development Strategy?

Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, is looking for feedback on how we should review the progress of the National Co-operative Development Strategy. You can comment directly in the linked presentation - An invitation to inform and shape how we reviewing progress and plans You will need to request access before you can see it.

I will also pose the key questions and collate any feedback in the thread below.

Deadline April 15th


Graham Tue 2 Apr 2019

I can't get to that document. One browser is just not loading anything, and a second one is telling me I need to access the file?


Works for me. It may be a permissions problem. I'll check with


bob cannell Tue 2 Apr 2019

i cant either


You will need to request access before you can see the content and comment.


You can see the overview of the NCDS and associated resources here. It is basically a "call to UK co-operatives and people supportive of co-operatives to create their own priorities and commitments in order to create the participatory economy the UK needs. "

From a co-operative development point of view focuses on 3 sectors:
* Supporting freelancers to come together in today’s ‘gig’ economy
* Meeting needs for social care through new models of co-operation
* New digital ventures, or ‘platform co-operatives’, using new technology for shared ownership services


Here are the 10 questions taken from Ed's slides linked above:
Possible approach for a review of the strategy (NCDS)

1. How can we harness the best evaluative power? Focus groups, interviews, surveys?
2. Can we build on the input and advice of the independent Steering Group that advised the Board of Co-operatives UK on the original strategy?
3. What information will be most useful to co-op members, federal networks & partners?
4. What format for reporting the results are most meaningful? A full length report? A one page summary? Printed? Online only? Interactive? Infographic? Data?

5. What should we be measuring? The National Co-operative Development Strategy sets out some baseline measures for monitoring.
But the aims of the strategy go wider than just these. Here are some options for a wider assessment:
a) Satisfaction – stakeholder satisfaction
b) Level of engagement
c) Outcomes by sector

Themes to explore
6. Who has most engaged with or benefited from the strategy so far? Who should benefit most in the future strategy delivery?
7. What’s missing from the strategy so far?
8. Has the sector moved forward in a concerted way?
9. Has the strategy reached the right people? Enough people? The wrong people?
10. Should the scope of the strategy be reconsidered? Too ambitious? Not ambitious enough?


bob cannell Wed 3 Apr 2019

oddly this seems to me to be too internally focussed on the strategy rather than the needs of the client group (potential and actual). is it the 'have a vision and implement it' school of strategy?

i may be out of touch but i think we are still very much in the consciousness raising stage of a strategy. too few people know about cooperation as a potential solution to their needs.

so if this is the case i would be doing baseline market research to find out which groups need to be focussed on to develop a coop development strategy that works for them.

just coming up with a strategy is too disconnected from people.

so i hope theres more going on than im aware of.




Hi Bob. This is an opportunity to design the review process, so nothing set in stone. One of the questions asks "what is missing?" so your comment speaks to that. I'll feed in unless you want to email Ed directly - the offer is there in the presentation.


bob cannell Wed 3 Apr 2019

thanks mark, you do it please. bob