Poddery Migration

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As you may all know we have been trying to move poddery.com to a new server since we had some bitter experiences with our current hosting provider scaleway.com. During the last two weeks we were continuously trying to get it done.

On March 23-24 some of us (@akhilvarkey, @bady, @balasankarchelamat, @harishk, @kannanvm, @mujeebcpy, @praveenarimbrathod, @ranjithsiji, @sgk and @srud4) gathered at thrissur to work on some of the issues listed here. During that meeting we ordered a new server from hetzner.com with the following specs for $28/month:
* Intel Xeon E3-1246V3 Processor
* 2x2TB HDD

(For details of the old server pls see wiki.fsci.org.in).

Currently we have done the following on the new server:
* Activated the server with Debian Stretch and upgraded it to Buster.
* Configured RAID and LVM on LUKS (for encrypted data partitions) with separate partitions for database, static files (such as user-uploaded files) and logs.
* Installed all necessary packages to run poddery services such as nginx, mysql, postgresql, diaspora, matrix-synapse, prosody, etc.
* Upgraded diaspora to v0.7.6 from v0.7.2.
* Installed matrix-synapse package from official debian repo instead of from upstream source.

What's left to do:
* Make the final switch (mainly synchronizing database & changing DNS configuration to point to the new server).
* Test all services. We will keep the old server as is until the new server is properly tested.
* Document everything in detail at wiki.fsci.org.in.

Tonight we're going to the make the switch and hence there'll be a downtime of all poddery services for a short period of time (hopefully less than 4 hours). We kindly request all of you to join with us for testing the services. If you find any issues please report here or in the poddery matrix room.


Bady April 9th, 2019 00:17

Update: poddery.com is now on new server!

Pirate Praveen

Pirate Praveen April 9th, 2019 04:13

Thanks for your hard work @bady @ranjithsiji and @akhilvarkey

Abhijith PA

Abhijith PA April 9th, 2019 06:04

Migration is a boring task. Really appreciate everybody's hard work. Thanks to all who involved in the process.