Thu 18 Jun 2020

#GAIAjourney: Pandemic as portal to future & real estate ecosystem we want to build

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As reflected in the juxtaposition of images below, the extended #StayAtHome has caused many to conclude they #DontFeelAtHome where they live so they're ready to explore transitioning to a better place.  

For Sci-Fi or StarTrek fans, that might inspire fantasies of being beamed up to galaxy far away; for others who feel castaway or lost at sea, sending a message in a bottle might bring hope of finding others who share their dreams, but for fellow change agents, the pandemic has been a portal to see what's wrong with society and a desire to collaborate with others to cocreate a real estate ecosystem to serve the future we want to build together.  

This is the last week of the original #GAIAjourney but as their founders writes, Friday's zoom session is "grounding ourselves to move forward."  Want to join our Hub or invite others to do the same using the URL below? The 12-1:30pm session on "Redefining Growth - Business as a Force For Good" should be good!


Artwork credit: Britton Wendel Digital Media (my son):  


Bill Wendel Thu 18 Jun 2020

Glad to see some people already visiting the post above. If you're free the Livestream in the link below starts at 6pm this evening

#Covid_ImpactRE: Has Covid knocked the legs out from under cities & coliving? Acknowledging the demise of "Sidewalk Labs" Google's #SmartCity project, one #RETech guru writes "#Coliving is eating the world!" Would have agreed last year, but now?



Bill Wendel Fri 19 Jun 2020

#GAIAjourney: "Redefining Growth - Business as a Force For Good" with Eileen Fisher

LIVESTREAM Starting now: https://youtu.be/2pVeBc0FOiQ