Thu 4 Mar 2021

New Coop Says Hi!

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HI! I'm Ellen, a member of a new worker coop 'Tanpopo'. We're a group of empowered hospitality workers who want to run a cafe and coop hub in Gateshead. We're hoping to work with Gateshead Council to get a 'meanwhile space' and open a space in the future. Due to covid, it's been tough. We formed in Feb 2020 so, I'm sure you'll agree, that was fantastic timing! We've started a crowdfunder to raise money for our Recipe Box project (https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/tanpopo-recipe-boxes) Please check it out! This isn't a proposal for funds, just a friendly introduction to who we are. Maybe some of you would be interested in our story? Thanks!


Hey Ellen, great to hear about Tanpopo. Are you in touch with other workers co-ops in the North East?


Ellen Moran Fri 5 Mar 2021

Yeah, we have been supported quite a lot by @John Evans at Code Operative. I've got some pals who work with Star and Shadow as well.


Dave Hollings Thu 4 Mar 2021

What you are aiming to do has similarities to The Larder, worker co-operative café in Preston.


Might be helpful to contact them.




Maggie Joan Haggas Thu 4 Mar 2021

Thanks Dave, will do!




The Meteor Fri 5 Mar 2021

Hi Ellen,

Good luck with setting up the co-op. We are primarily a local media group and Gateshead is farther out than we would usually cover.

Best wishes

Conrad Bower


craigm Fri 5 Mar 2021

Hi Ellen,

Looks fantastic and I'm happy to see you working with Yoshi at Tea Sutra which produces great healthy food out of a tiny kitchen. We are based in Glasgow and are down once a week, if you ever need a chat i'm more than happy to help. Bonobo is in the Scottish North East and is a vegan cafe (worker owned) and also Krakatoa which is a pub (worker owned) if you need models to look at. Good luck and shout if we can help.

The Star & Shadow have a great kitchen and are a coop. Once things are back up and running it may be worth speaking to them as the kitchen isn't used as much as it should be, they may be open to a joint venture.


Dave Hollings Fri 5 Mar 2021

Craigm – off at a tangent.

I’ve tried to make contact with Krakatoa in the past. I’m heavily involved with the community owned pubs movement (and chair of my own local co-operatively owned pub, The Dog Inn at Belthorn). I think there’s learning and experiences we can usefully share from one co-operative sector in the same trade to another.

If you or someone else from the co-op could e-mail me on dave@cms.coop or ring on 07967 815322 I would love to have a chat.




Ellen Moran Fri 5 Mar 2021

Thanks for this! Yeah Yoshi is great :) When the restrictions are lifted it'd be great to meet you when you're in toon!

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