Post Election Housekeeping

Martyn Public Seen by 94

@jobooth @fredlook @suziedawson now that the Election is over what Party housekeeping needs to happen? Do we have an AGM scheduled or something similar?


Jo Booth Tue 31 Oct 2017

From a compliance perspective as party secretary @ipjobooth is pulling together our statement of party elections expenses - any money or money-like efforts that went into influencing the vote.

The executive is looking to the the sustainable run towards 2020, and its a good time to catch up on things left in the push to Election Day. We do need to fill a couple of exec positions and ratify others - so a By-Election is mandated “as soon as practicable”. This will likely be in the new year once we’ve wrapped up this one.

The electoral commission is also undergoing a wide ranging review of the election - so if anyone has any feedback on the voting process and services - I can certainly pass it on.

Massive thanks to all those who got us to this point - thanks #InternetPartyPeople !


David Sutton Wed 1 Nov 2017

Is it necessary for party publications and office bearers to display the "Authorised by ... " statement on publications, outside of the regulated period of an election?


Tane Harre Wed 1 Nov 2017

Doesn't look like it according to the Constitution. "9.2.3 Authorising election advertising; and:" was all I could find. It might be a good idea to keep it happening though, just to weed out any unauthorised publication.


David Sutton Wed 1 Nov 2017

It's a bit vague in the Electoral Act, but I've found this link which says Promoter Statements are required for "All election advertisements irrespective of when they are published ..." . Further, the Electoral Act defines a Regulated Period --which we are now outside of--, but it is not clearly spelt out whether the advertising rules only apply during that time. The maximum fine for transgressions is $40,000. So unless someone knows for sure, best play it safe.


Martyn Wed 1 Nov 2017

Thanks @ipjobooth ! Do we have anybody going through and, I guess for want of a better word, auditing our processes throughout the Election?


Tane Harre Thu 2 Nov 2017

Website needs some changes. Ill try an go through tonight and make a list of things that refer to 2017 election.


Tane Harre Sat 4 Nov 2017

What I can see that mentions the 2017 campaign on the website (Also an email post election update to members might be an idea).

HOMEPAGE - Sliders with references to election.

POLICIES - Seems fine

CANDIDATES - First paragraph,"They will contest the 2017 General Election." Jo's bio mentions the campaign but in an ok way. Nicolas needs to update his bio.

NEWS - Appears fine

LIVE - Fine

WORLD - Paragraph after the bullet points,"If you’d like to volunteer with Internet Party NZ’s 2017 general election campaign you can do so from anywhere in the world!"

NEEDS - Seems fine.

GOODIES - There are a lot of goodies that mention the campaign.

CONTACTS - First paragraph,"To volunteer for the Internet Party 2017 Campaign"


Suzie Dawson Thu 9 Nov 2017

Thank you, that is really fantastic analysis and has been sent to our designer for implementation


Fred Look Mon 6 Nov 2017


2 Figure out why membership data is not available and FIX ASAP (is database broken? or is EXEC sitting on the info?)

2a: generate current mailing list and do mailout.

2b: Start work now on getting stat declaration and loans/donations return for April30


Blake Bedford-Palmer Thu 9 Nov 2017

Will discuss members at exec meeting tonight. We were also not completely sure about the stats it was spitting out


Fred Look Thu 9 Nov 2017

quite right! never trust a database without some reconciliation against the source documentation. Your number of valid members (from the EC point of view) will be the number of $10.00 deposits in the IP Phase2 acct for which you have web generated membership forms that demonstrate address and eligibility to vote, plus any non expired members on the database (ie est around 10! )


Fred Look Fri 10 Nov 2017

How did that go ? Any closer to a reliable number of members? If no garbage<> valid filter of forms or joindate query of database has occured since "new website" you will only have garbage out