Wed 25 Sep 2019

List of all coop github and gitlab projects?

LS Leo Sammallahti Public Seen by 75

We already have Coop Crowdfunding Monitor. Would a monitor of all the open source coop projects in github be a good idea for a say, hackmd document?

We could start off with looking at the Internet Of Ownership directory of platform coops, and google how many of those projects have a github, and add them in the document.

I can do this next week, but let me know if there's people who would like to help out. Also, let me know what should it be named and whether it's a good idea for Platform6 to host. And whether Hackmd document is a good way to make the list.

We could email about this list to platform coop email list, which would also raise awareness of Platform6. Perhaps some people in the email list might even join us!


Jeff Regino Thu 26 Sep 2019

You could call it "Coop Open Source Monitor" or something similar, to keep it similar to "Coop Crowdfunding Monitor"


Graham Tue 1 Oct 2019

Last time I looked at the IoO list there were a lot of projects there that are not, in my view, platform co-operatives (or even co-operative platforms), so I wouldn't to simply soak all of that up without review. If the goal is to encourage more people, es[ecially developers, to get involved in FLOSS/coop projects than I'd support that.


Leo Sammallahti Tue 1 Oct 2019

Agreed. There are separate category in the directory for platform cooperatives.

One of the questions I struggle is the criteria. For example, if there's a mobile game developed by a worker coop game studio, should that be included. Or should it just be actual platform cooperatives?

Any ideas how the criteria should be defined?


Jeff Regino Fri 11 Oct 2019

To immediately address that struggle, you could create a platform coop-only list, then a separate list for varied/uncategorized ones.

You'd likely be able to improve, edit, or expand the criteria (and lists) later on.


Poll Created Mon 4 Nov 2019

A call with presenting the prototype of the Coop Source Monitor Closed Sun 17 Nov 2019

Our new member Dean, me and a fellow named Ken Joo Yeap will have a prototype of a Coop Source Monitor, a website that lists github and gitlab projects by cooperatives similar to Coop Crowdfunding Monitor. We would love to make the monitor part of Platform6 and reach out the tech coops listed in the monitor, making them aware of Platform6. We could present the website and discuss the monitor on a call.


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Have you seen this?


This is the tweet announcing it:


And this is the GitHub repo for the site:



Leo Sammallahti Thu 19 Dec 2019

Yep! They got there first and did a great job :)


flo040 Mon 29 Jun 2020

where can I find the actual list now?


Graham Mon 29 Jun 2020

https://coophub.io/ looks to be the best place right now.


flo040 Mon 29 Jun 2020

thank you