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Dear Scoop Supporter,

Welcome to the Scoop Support Crew Loomio Group!

This Loomio group is for fans and supporters of Scoop to connect more closely with the core Scoop Team and to help us with our work publishing the Scoop Independent News website and managing the wider Scoop information eco-system. We have created this group as a component of "Operation Chrysalis" the tagline of which is "Reinventing Scoop Together". Over the coming six months Scoop will be transforming into a social enterprise dedicated to creating a sustainable and postive future for news media in New Zealand.

If you have just arrived here and are not yet a member of the Support Crew you can join this group by going to this link and filling out the form. A support Crew member will then invite you to join.

As a member of the Scoop Support Crew you will:
* Receive emails from the Scoop Team from time to time requesting your assistance with specific objectives (e.g. to promote something we are doing via social media);
* Be asked for your views on things that we are planning to do at Scoop;
* Be able to make suggestions for how to improve Scoop to the Scoop team;
* Volunteer to assist Scoop in various ways that we are yet to figure out (e.g. help out with Facebook page moderation etc.).

This group will be hosted & moderated by:
* Alastair Thompson @alastairthompson1 (Scoop Publisher and Editor)
* Steven Wood @steven (Scoop Business Development Manager)
* Susan Belt @susanbelt (Scoop Social Media Assistant)

Please use this Loomio thread to ask any questions you have about joining this group.

Finally, please forgive us if we make some mistakes in the early stages of this process as it is just beginning now.

Alastair Thompson
For the Scoop Team